2007 MotoGP on UBC TV

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  1. 5th March 21.30, CH 66 Star Sports MOTOGP OFFICIAL TEST 2007

    12th March 14.00 to 17.00, CH 66 Star Sports MOTOGP QATAR

    (Gee I'm good to you guys up there......)
  2. Thanks for the info on MOTO GP s, will be watching if I can find a TV with Ch 66....
  3. Hey TJ,

    Thanks for the info and yep, you are good to us poor unfortunates up here! Guess I'd better start doing my yoga so as falling down the stairs when pissed doesn't hurt too much this coming season [;)]

    DC, if you are in Thai, any respectable boozing joint will have UBC but if you are in CNX, keep an eye on this board as we usually meet up for MotoGPs somewhere in town.

    Suggestion from me: a wazz round the Samoeng loop and then sitdown at the X-Centre to watch the racing?


  4. Pikey
    Sounds like the right thing to do for me (if only I was riding) - a sedate dawdle around the Samoeng loop to keep the heart beat nice & regular & stable in preparation for that huge adrenalin rush when the lights change at the track in Qatar.
    But realistically, I'll probably arrange for the happy go-lucky g/f to drop me off at the X-Centre to be flag marshall as you all enter pit lane & juggle for pole position in front of the goggle box.
    See you guys there. Off to the bone doctor yet again tonight. More X-rays & plaster changes......only 10 days, already grumpy & not easily amused.
  5. Just in case you start watching Channel 66 on 12th according to UBC online schedule the Qatar Moto GP is live on 10th March on Channel 65 at 16.00hrs which is when it should be,not the 12th!
  6. Thanks for the reminder JohnnyE.
    It should also be noted that tropicaljohno's original post is for TESTING on March 5 & not the MotoGP race which is on March 10.
    Did you get over to Nan this week as planned JohhnyE?
  7. Yes UBC/True have updated their schedule, MOTOGP starts March 10th at 15.57 till 18.30 on ESPN CH 65

    Then its repeated same day, same channel from 19.00 to 20.00

    Rossi took out fastest time in practice and won himself a new BM. he was interviewed on tv yesterday, saying he has signed for 2 years with Yamaha and the bikes are sponsored by Fiat this year, wonder if they will have pictures of the cute new Fiat 500 painted on the bikes.
  8. Just wanted to say thanks for posting this I really enjoyed last night, I think I was going through withdrawels. I don't enjoy team sports much but those where one guy does his absloute best is something to see. These guys have riding down to an art. I was happy to see this was the first race of the season.
  9. Hey what about Rossi standing on the bonnet and roof of his new BM, did you see the roof start to buckle, presume roofs not meant for motorbike boots loaded with a rider
  10. That explains why he gets a BMW for selling us Fiats -- Fiat figure it helps them if he make BMW's look cheap! [:D]
  11. Getting excited now about the start of the season but also a little concerned as to where we're gonna be able to watch it this SATURDAY? The prob is that the U.K footie F.A Cup starts at 7pm, right around the same time the MotoGP boys hit the gas which means that the main screen in the U.N Irish will be on that and we'd be stuffed into the small back room with a small TV and so-so bar service. Anyone know about the plans in the Downunder? Or what about The Local (footie I guess)? Now if I'd not gone and sold my place last year, we'd have been sorted [:(]

    If there's no feedback here by friday morning from any of you other guys, then I'll take a scoot around town friday afternoon and post any findings.

    EDIT: forgot to mention - CM Speedway races on sunday from about 2pm. Could meet at the X-Centre for a late brekkie/early lunch, then wang round the Samoeng loop to arrive at the kart track in time for the races. Any takers?


  12. Hey, Pikey, I have no idea about places that will be showing the MotoGP, but will be out of town from today until Saturday afternoon and wanted to let you know -- on the chance that at some point in your search for a good place for viewing you may find it helpful in persuading a wavering location to be able to give a real number of the size of our group -- that I will be there (if there is a there to be).

    Cheers, and looking forward to it.
  13. pikey for saturday its a 3 oclock start right?? if so we could lunch at kafe then samoeng loop ending at the x-centre where we could watch the motogp? feasible? assuming ian is in and will let us watch it of course....
  14. I thought it was all agreed Samoeng loop & then the Xcentre.
    ETA from the Kafe should be 2 hrs before the MotoGP telecast starts.
    That should be 2 pm ex Kafe I think.
    Madam will drop me off at the XCentre around 3.45 pm.
  15. Just got back to CNX after finishing my off-road trip across the Baja, riding my XR650R down the peninsula (to Todos Santos) and then back to the US. Met up with Big & Tall twice for dinner when I arrived and departed from LAX. B&T told me he will be back in CNX in the first week of April, ready for some action (not exactly sure if he only referred to bike riding...[:D]). Looking forward to his arrival and get the KTM out for some R&R riding with B&T and some of the offroad regulars in the GT community (Pikey, Luke, Ian, Silverhawk,...?).

    Reading this thread I'm a little confused (like Davidfl) whether tomorrow's Samoeng loop ride to the X-centre prior to watching the MotoGP there is actually confirmed or not. As I live in Hang Dong, I would not come to the Kafe but wait and hook up with you guys some ways down the Samoeng Rd. Pikey, Luke, and/or any others wanting to ride the loop tomorrow, could you please confirm it is on and around what time you expect to turn off at the Samoeng Rd/Irrigation Canal Rd junction?
  16. Chaps,

    Mass confusion all around! First, the GP programme starts at 16:00 Thai time and runs til 20:00. The X-Centre is only open until 18:00 so unfortunately that's out for this round. Talking with DavidFL and he's confirmed that Gus at the DownUnder is ready to rock and will host us upstairs on the big screen from 4pm so that's a definite in my book.

    Regarding the proposed ride, I'm gonna skip as I will partake of a beer or two [;)] whilst watching the races and bikes & booze most certainly do not mix! Catch you soon Jean-Marc if you don't fancy watching it at the DownUnder. Also, just been informed that Gus is kindly doing a promo exclusively for GT-Riders - a jug of Singha for 99 baht. Best leave those bikes at home boys!

    BTW, Rossi on provisional pole after free practice yesterday, followed by Edwards & Stoner with Hayden way back in 15th and nearly 2 seconds off the pace.

    OK, until tomorrow......


  17. Hi to Everyone,
    I will be more than happy to keep the X-Centre open any night of the week for Moto GP or any other occassion for that Matter!!! Always up for a Beer. But as Pikey says it is a bit Far out if you are going to Ride out here and Hit the Piss!!! Just something to keep in Mind for the Future should anyone want a place for a Party or Special event. Open to all suggestions.
    Cheers Ian.
  18. where is the Down under
  19. Fabrice,

    The Downunder is on Nimmenhemin road, about 200m from Amari junction on the left.

    Ian, cheers for that and certainly my vote would be for the daytime ones to be at your place. Hope to see you tomorrow.

    Also, DavidFL texted me to say that Gus will have a draw for a bottle of wine tomorrow. free entry but the winner will have to be wearing a GT-R T-shirt and these will be available for sale.


  20. pikey etc look forward to catching up tomorow , see you at the downunder!,will skip on ride too, see ya later guys. marcus
    The Downunder is on Nimmenhemin road, about 200m from Amari junction on the left.

    Ian, cheers for that and certainly my vote would be for the daytime ones to be at your place. Hope to see you tomorrow.

    Also, DavidFL texted me to say that Gus will have a draw for a bottle of wine tomorrow. free entry but the winner will have to be wearing a GT-R T-shirt and these will be available for sale.


  21. Well it was really fun to watch, anyone know when the next one is scheduled?
  22. You've got F1 Sunday 18th March, goes live at 9am, race starts 10am

    Next MotoGP Sunday 25th March 3pm till 8pm 125's will start at 3pm, MotoGP around 7pm

    there's the times, now you have to find the venue's
  23. Darn that Ubon bike week dates, don't know if I will be back in town in time maybe

  24. Will there be another gathering of GT-Riders this coming Sunday to watch the Spanish MotoGP? If so, where and when?

    I stopped at Ian's X-Centre last night after riding the Samoeng loop, and I think he wouldn't mind keeping his bar/resto open past the usual 6pm closing time if a bunch of GT-riders want to watch the motogp there. Would allow us to ride the Samoeng loop before watching the races. Maybe Davidfl can ride pillion on the back of SuzukiLuke's GSXR 1000?

    It was fun watching the first round with you guys at the Down Under on Saturday, and a good opportunity to meet and get to know other riders. I also enjoyed watching the bike races at CNX Speedway the next day in the good company of Pikey, Silverhawk, SuzukiLuke and Marcus. Sharing the fun with like-minded souls makes it all even better.

    Is there any of the dirt bike riders of the GT-R community thinking of racing in the Pai enduro this coming weekend? I am supposed to race it, but my knee is not fully recovered from a crash in a previous race. But if someone else would go, I might decide to race anyway. Otherwise I'll skip it and watch the motogp.
  25. GT Riders will be back at the Downunder for this weeks MotoGP. The hospitality put on by Gus last race was excellent. Not sure if there will be another wine raffle this race, but if it looks like enough guys turn up, then my guess is Gus will oblige. Just make sure you all eat & drink well while there to show your support. And if you want to be in the draw for the bot of wine (value 1,000 baht = no cheapie) you'll need to be wearing a GT-Rider shirt. Last winner was BarryBBQ, who wasn’t wearing a shirt, but bought one right before the draw - you're a lucky man BarryBBQ!
    F1 should be back at the XCentre next race?

    The Downunder will again sell jugs of Singha draft beer for 99 baht to GT Riders watching the MotoGP.
    Cant complain about that, so roll up & be merry.

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