2008 MotoGP Calendar

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  1. 2008 MOTOGP DATES

    9 March - Qatar - Losail
    30 March - Spain - Jerez
    13 April - Portugal - Estoril
    4 May - China - Shanghai
    18 May - France - Le Mans
    1 June - Italy - Mugello
    8 June - Catalunya - Barcelona
    22 June- Great Britain - Donington Park
    28 June - Netherlands - Assen
    13 July - Germany - Sachsenring
    20 July - United States - Laguna Seca
    17 August - Czech Republic - Brno
    31 August - San Marino - Misano
    14 September - Indianapolis - Indianapolis
    28 September - Japan - Motegi
    5 October - Australia - Phillip Island
    19 October - Malaysia - Sepang
    26 October - Valencia - Valenciana
  2. Whoppeee!!!!!!!!! Moto GP 7 days and counting :wink:
  3. Well back in Cnx from the Bkk Motor Show (had a great time,) but what about MotoGP on Sunday?
    Is the UN Irish Pub ok for the "mob."
    Anyone got a local time yet?
  4. Well back in Cnx from the Bkk Motor Show (had a great time,) but what about MotoGP on Sunday?
    Is the UN Irish Pub ok for the "mob."
    Anyone got a local time yet?
  5. Race starts 7pm

    chit chat 6.30pm
  6. UN Irish is good for me. Programme starts at 4pm on UBC with the main race as TJ stated.

    See you there!


  7. Next MotoGP, Sunday 4th May, is China & a "morning" race 'n start time.
    So why not eat 'n watch 'n cheer at the Ambassador's X-Centre.?
    And perhaps preceded by a leisurely thrash around the Samoeng loop?
  8. Sounds like a good idea.

    125cc...250cc....MotoGP, thats 3 support races before the main event.
  9. Below are tv times for the MotoGP
    This is the South African feed, so you have to add 5 hours to time schedule.

    Broadcast Schedule:

    4 May
    China, Shanghai at 08:45 on SS2

    18 May
    France, Le Mans at 13:45 on SS7

    1 June
    Italy, Mugello at 13:45 on SS6

    8 June
    Spain, Catalunya at 13:45 on SS5

    22 June
    Great Britain, Donington at 15:45 on SS6

    28 June
    Netherlands, Assen at 13:35 on SS6

    13 July
    Germany, Sachsenring at 13:45 on SS6

    20 July
    US, Laguna Seca at 22:45 on SS2

    17 August
    Czech, Brno at 13:45 on SS2

    31 August
    San Marino, Misano at 13:45 on SS6

    14 September
    US, Indianapolis at 20:45 on SS2

    28 September
    Japan, Motegi at 06:45 on SS2

    5 October
    Australia, Phillip Island at 06:45 on SS2

    19 October
    Malaysia, Sepang at 09:15 on SS5

    26 October
    Spain, Valencia at 14:45 on SS2
  10. Well it looks like Tropical Storm Nargis
    http://www.wunderground.com/tropical/tr ... 00801.html
    could be about to hit the North with a W-E-T Sunday, so if it's pouring with rain Sunday morning you might see me at the UN Irish Pub watching the races in the dry.
  11. MotoGP this weekend is Mugello.
    Rossi is hoping for his 7th straight win there.
    Yamaha want another 1-2-3.
    So Charoen Motor Yamaha in Chiang Mai are hosting a little party at Yamaha Square to watch the race. Should be free snacks & soft drinks (+ maybe a few ales). Starting from 4.30 PM I think.
    Stay tuned.
  12. MotoGP tomorrow 1st June. Mugello Italy.
    5PM Yamaha Square. Big screen. Free food & soft drinks (+maybe some light alcoholic refreshments). Plus a "talk show' on MotoGP, Jonadda stars for the GT riders. Everyone welcome. Please come, should be a hoot. Thanks in advance to Tum from Charoen Motor Yamaha for organising.
  13. MotoGP tomorrow 8th June. Catalunya Spain.
    Racing starts 4PM.
    Free snacks & "limited" beer sponsored by Charoen Motor Yamaha, 5PM Daytona Bar, JJ Hobby Market Khamtieng.
  14. Wow what a race, they have definetly did something with Rossi's Yamaha. last year Stoner with his Ducatti, just overpowered him They are evenly matched this year, exciting stuff.
  15. MotoGP tomorrow 22nd June. Donnington Park. "Great" Britain.
    See you at the UN Irish Pub on Ratchawithi Rd.
    Starting 4PM?
  16. Shyte a wet race!
    Bridgestone riders 1-2-3 for the start. Stoner, Rossi, Vermeulen.
    Should be a good one alright.
  17. My UBC listing shows it starting on ESPN at 17:57

    Formula 1 on Star Sports @ 18:45

  18. My UBC listing shows it starting on ESPN at 17:57

    Formula 1 on Star Sports @ 18:45

    Below Donnington times of races today.........
    Just add 6 hours for Thai Time

    Sunday 22 June

    125cc & 250cc races

    Race live

    MotoGP Extra

  19. Reminder MotoGP this weekend is on Saturday!
    28 June - Netherlands - Assen
  20. Well lads, the next one (13 July - Germany - Sachsenring) is still a few days away, but can you believe this.....
    Sete's back??

    MotoGP » Gibernau 'very fast', but will he race?
    Friday, 4th July 2008
    Sete Gibernau concludes second 'comeback' test for Ducati by setting very impressive lap times at Mugello, but what happens now?

    Go to
    http://www.crash.net/motorsport/motogp/ ... _race.html
    for more info 'n gossip.

    The Dr will be fired up for sure to ensure that he never wins another race whilst the Dr is still riding!!
  21. MotoGP tomorrow 13 July - Germany - Sachsenring.
    Goggle box 52 inch screen at UN Irish Pub starting 3.45pm.
    See you there.
  22. Race July 20 th

    The UBS Schedule shows it on Saturday ar 0030 it also how it 0000 on the 20th. Anyone got a clue when it is going to air?

    It usually shows on homecable on the next day anyone know what time that will be?
  23. Anyone can recommend a good place to watch Laguna Seca live in Chiang Mai, 20th July?
    On my way, coming from Nan, should reach Chiang Mai tomorrow... Can't miss the race , the championship is getting really interesting now!
  24. Ok T.J. leave that nurse alone and give us the times :lol:

    Just thinking of you Bud :wink:
  25. Jonadda guesthouse has WETV which should have it live. If you're up when it's on it should be entertaining as John(adda) should be coming home from a night on the town about then.
    Pee I'm in Chiang Khong right now, Mae Sai tomorrow & Cnx Monday most likely.

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