2009 KLX250SF - WR250X comparo

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by KZ, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. A well-written in-depth comparo of two 250cc supermotos:
    http://www.motorcycle.com/shoot-outs/qu ... 87985.html
    These are US-spec bikes, the Yam has FI and the Kawa is the carbed version. The Yamaha wins, not surprisingly, but given the higher price may not be the better deal.
  2. I never saw this Yamaha on sale in the LOS.

    It's interesting that the lack of top speed power is the biggest criticism - I wonder how the Kawa would have fared with the PowerCommander ECU which basically removes all top speed concerns... I imagine that would provide much more parity with the Yam...

    One thing I don't understand: They list Fuel Injection (FI) as one of the Yamaha's advantages. However, the Kawa is also FI... maybe not in the USA?
  3. The Yamaha is not available in TH and probably never will be since the MSRP would be around 300K THB - you could get two KLX for that!
    If Kawasaki would unrestrict the D-Tracker I'd definitely buy one. Or if there would be an aftermarket solution to make the thing rev in the top gears so you can take it on the highway for a short trip.
  4. PowerCommander ECU unit from Japan removes all restrictions and supposedly allows for 140 - 160 top speed.

    It costs BHT 8000.-. Chiang Mai Kawa dealer said he'd get it again at the end of the month, they are all sold out for now. But I am sure you can get it from other sources in Thailand.
  5. A Power Commander ECU is available? Some one care to post a link or something more conclusive than "the dealer said" ?? Last I heard was Power Commander was not interested and the group in Japan that was "working" on a field programmable ECU for the D-Tracker/KLX for the past year plus was dragging their backside like a diseased dog. I'd like more information on this.

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