2010 BMW prices

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  1. S 1000 RR is on there too, though there's no marketing material for it on the thai website. What a beast. :p

  2. BTW those leasing options are pretty interesting.

    I know you end up paying more but... you can get a 1200 GS for 260k down and 14k / month, or a F800GS for 200k down and 10k / month. At the end of the 4 year lease the bike is probably still worth quite a bit more than the balloon payment. I have never seen a 4 year old GS for sale here for 300k baht, and if I ever do I'll make sure to snap it up ;)
  3. Hi Friends,

    Watching at the succession of prices since 2009, I think the inflation on BMW bike prices is very reasonable and moderate from one year to the other the GSA model tooke only 15 KTBH which is very acceptable.

    Could be a good investment taking into account the reliability along time....

    I was wondering why this post is titled 2010 BMW prices as we are in fact on 2011 prices ???
  4. ^^ That's because the thread was started in 2010. Might be time for a new one, or a fresh title ;)

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