2011 CBR150R 4 sale in Songkhla

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  1. I'm still trying to sell my CBR150R - seems like everybody wants the 250 which sells used for a low price these days.

    So I lowered the price. The bike has more or less been sitting this year, I only did occasional weekend rides, it still has less than 5000 km on the clock.

    Was new 83,000 THB, but even the dealers have lowered the price, a new one is 80,000 last time I checked.

    Now 50,000 THB for a clean, low-mileage bike. Check it out: http://www.bahtsold.com/view/cbr150r-for-sale-128507?doqs=1
  2. Tried to trade it in at a Honda dealer yesterday but didn't accept their offer of 44,000 THB.

    Current mileage 4,800 km.

    The price of a new one went up to 82,900 THB down here again.
  3. Good price for someone looking for one!
  4. Yes, but no-one is looking!

    I've been advertising it since January, lowering the price in the process, but no calls, not even tire-kickers. The ads get 300 to 400 views, then expire.

    Current ad here: http://www.bahtsold.com/view/cbr150r-for-sale-139296?doqs=1 - I won't go lower than that!

    Want to get me a new bike and don't have the space for a fourth.
  5. Tried 6 times to answer your ad
    other ads work yours doesn't on Bahtsold
    let me know if you withdrew your ad
  6. BIKE IS FINALLY SOLD! After advertising it for about seven months.... I've bought and sold a lot of bikes in my time and it never took that long!

    Funny thing is that the guy who bought it was looking for a 150 and couldn't find a deal good enough.

    When he saw mine we had a deal right away. 50,000 is a steal.

    Now I will talk to the local dealer who doesn't speak any English about a CRF250M.
  7. Good news.....I hope I do not have to wait 7 months to sell my Honda
  8. There should be more people interested in buying a CRFL than a CBR150R these days!

    As long as you don't have to sell it I recommend to just hang in there; the time will come.
  9. Good news K; your CBR150 looked great and I'm certain the new owner will be happy with it
  10. Oh yes, the new owner will ride it more than I did, he has to commute 40km to work. If you want a simple, sporty and economic bike for commuting here in TH the little CBR is hard to beat. Maybe you can go faster on the 250 but it is also more expensive, uses more gas and it's more difficult to park between all those 125cc bikes.
    I'm glad I sold it and I'm glad that the buyer made a good deal. I'll see him and the bike around! :)
    I'm going to pick up my new ride on Saturday.
  11. The bottom really seems to have fallen out of the used market for these types of bikes. There are so many cheap 250's and 500's and 650's available on finance deals, that it's easier for Thais to buy a new, bigger bike for less cash paid down.
  12. ^ So true! I have seen several CBR250s & 150s on dealfish, but when you check in to it, many are take over payments plus an unrealastic cash sum to the owner.

    The guy I bought the CBR250 from had trouble selling it; he said the Honda shops basically didn't want it.

    I have seen some CBR150s here in Pattaya at Mityon for 79,900, but I suspect that does not include VAT. Could be wrong about that

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