2011 Ducati Multistrada 1200

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  1. skybluestu

    skybluestu Ol'Timer

    Ducati Multistrada 1200 for sale, originally registered in France (checked directly with Ducati prior to buying) and imported into Thailand last year, I've since managed to get a plate, tax and compulsory insurance but it isn't the same as a bike bought from Ducati Thailand and, officially, they won't service it. I've found it easier, quicker and cheaper to source parts myself and have a good mechanic so not an issue. I mentioned all this first so people don't waste their time reading the ad if they only want bikes with full green books similar to those bought directly from Ducati, Kawasaki, Honda etc More details of the bike below, all accessories added within the last 6 months.

    Ducati Multistrada 1200 (same engine as the 1198 superbike, 150 ponies and LOADS of torque when in full power mode)
    Keyless start
    Only 14,000kms
    ABS & Traction Control
    Four riding modes (Enduro and Urban = 100hp, Touring and Sport = 150hp)
    Termignoni slip-on
    Puig sport screen
    Custom Led Blaster X tail light with integrated turn signals
    Rizoma plate holder on rear hugger.
    Zeta XC Handguards with turn signals
    Metzeler M5 front and Z8 rear (Same tread pattern but M5 is softer so should wear out at the same time)
    Supersprox rear sprocket
    CNC Racing sprocket cover and bolts
    RK 525 gold chain
    New radiator
    Just serviced with K&N filter and Motul fully synthetic oil.

    These Italian made bikes were sold in Thailand for 1.1M baht and used ones can't be found for less than 800k. Even the Thai assembled Multistrada are close to 900k baht and I've not seen any used for less than 700k. My asking price is 535k baht, please pm for more info or call 0875 770445.





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  3. skybluestu

    skybluestu Ol'Timer

    Message sent.
  4. Lakota

    Lakota Ol'Timer

    Great bike at a great price, was chatting with a guy recently that wanted one but didn't want to pay 7-800k baht so he might be interested, I'll message you his number.
  5. skybluestu

    skybluestu Ol'Timer

    Cheers, I'll give him a call...in a month or two, will try and get a few more rides in first ��
  6. vermont

    vermont New Member

    Is the bike legally registered? If yes, I will definitely go for it.
  7. skybluestu

    skybluestu Ol'Timer

    Just tried to message you but for some reason a private message wasn't an option. Try to message me or give me a call.
  8. skybluestu

    skybluestu Ol'Timer

    Just returned from a 2-day, 700km ride from CR to Nan and back via Phayao which took in two of the best roads, the 1148 and 1091. Despite fairly spirited riding twisty mountain roads the Multi averages about 15kms per litre (300kms on a full tank) which is pretty close to what my Versys 650 used to get, amazing for a 1200cc 150hp bike.

  9. skybluestu

    skybluestu Ol'Timer

    Just passed 15k kms and a new battery and mosfet regulator will be fitted this week. To celebrate the price is now 495,000 baht.
  10. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    does it have green book ????
  11. skybluestu

    skybluestu Ol'Timer

    A green book was issued and photocopies made of the relevant pages with all the correct information including frame# and engine#. The plate on the bike matches the green book photocopies and so does the tax and insurance. The tax and insurance will be re-issued every year so the bike has all the necessary paperwork to keep the police happy which I keep in the bike. On a recent ride to Nan with three others our bikes were all stopped, everyone had the correct paperwork and were riding again 5mins later.

    It does not have an actual green book though, I saw an almost identical bike for sale recently with close to 40k kms for 780k baht which did have a green book, if you want to spend another 300k baht I can send you the link. As I mentioned in my intial post, these Italian made bikes were 1.1M baht new and used are 750k baht +, even the few invoice only bikes are always around 600k baht.
  12. skybluestu

    skybluestu Ol'Timer

    Just done an oil change, new oil is 700baht per litre Putoline Nano. Price reduced to 475k baht. Made this short video recently Multistrada:
  13. skybluestu

    skybluestu Ol'Timer

    Timewaster just backed out of an agreed sale (minus the deposit) so price reduced again. A monk recommended an auspicious number so now for sale at 456,789baht.
  14. skybluestu

    skybluestu Ol'Timer

    A member that had a query suggested I post my answer as many people might not realise that...

    'The new buyer will have genuine green book photocopies in their name while the tax and insurance can be renewed every year'.
  15. CBR250

    CBR250 Ol'Timer

    All potential buyers will be curious. Where is the genuine green book that was photocopied?
  16. skybluestu

    skybluestu Ol'Timer

    After the laws changed which it made it more time consuming, difficult and costly to get imported bikes fully legal green books a few kind folk that work at various transport offices decided to offer an alternative way to get said bikes (almost) legal, for a small fee of course.
  17. skybluestu

    skybluestu Ol'Timer

  18. They are 'genuine photocopies' not a genuine green book. Tax and insurance on a bike whilst can be paid without the original green book at hand is totally worthless should you have a serious issue or accident.
  19. Lee

    Lee Ol'Timer

    Hence the price...

    if one has no aversion to a little risk...it's a kickass bike for the money...

    But alas some just weren't meant to come out from under the covers or leave the security of mothers apron...I don't think those types are his target market...so your comment comes across as quite useless...
  20. skybluestu

    skybluestu Ol'Timer

    Well said Lee and no risk with the BIB as has all the papers they want to see, 400k for this bike is an absolute steal as similar used Italian made bikes sold by Ducati Thailand are circa 700k baht and that is without the many upgrades/accessories mine has.
  21. skybluestu

    skybluestu Ol'Timer

    Another oil & filter change (Motul oil and K&N filter) just done.

    One last price drop, now only 395k baht ��
  22. rados

    rados New Member

    Please consider my offer of 350k as long as the bike is in good technical condition and has not been in any accidents. And as long as the papers allow for troubleless use and further sale after several years
    Thank you.
  23. skybluestu

    skybluestu Ol'Timer

    Message sent.
  24. skybluestu

    skybluestu Ol'Timer

    Sizeable deposit taken so I'll mark it as sold. Selling a bike anywhere I guess you expect timewasters and dreamers but had far more than my fair share this time :-(

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