2014 Honda CTX700 - four more 670cc twins!

Discussion in 'Honda Big Bikes Thailand' started by KZ25, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. “These new models introduced today (Feb 8, 2013) are just the first in a whole new family of CTX products of various displacements and engine configurations that will be rolled out in the future.”

    More info here:


    Can't post any pics because the "go advanced" button and the "manage attachments" buttons have disappeared.
  2. Wonder what browser you are using? I still have the "go advanced" button on both Firefox and Chrome. David announced that attachments have been disabled due to malicious attacks on the site:
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    Posting pics is as easy as copying the link, pressing the "Insert Image" button, and pasting the link.

    This: http://www.cycleworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/2014-Honda-CTX700D-with-DCT-and-ABS-plus-accessories.jpg becomes this:

    Gotta say, at first glance the "new" CTX looks a lot like the old DN-01, which was a monumental failure-

    Then again, the new CTX is a heck of a lot cheaper than the DN-01 and it has that "super-convenient storage compartment" jerkit.gif
  3. Ducati Diavel clones ?????
  4. I'm using IE and they're trying to force their newest version on me, I'll use Firefox from now on.

    Design-wise Honda took a step backwards, maybe using the old design saved time and money.

    Didn't the Diavel come out after the ugly duckling?
  5. I'm using Firefox now, the "go advanced" button is there but no "manage attachments".

    Actually the rims on the DN01 look kind of cool!
  6. I suppose good design is polarizing.

    The Diavel looks awesome IMO.

    That Honda wannabee - not so much....
  7. I suppose you think the Gladius is polarizing, too? :)
  8. Gladius is horrific , suzuki turn a stunner SV650 into a minging munter Sadius
  9. I saw them in the flesh and I still fail to understand the purpose of these bikes in front of a big scooter......
  10. My interpretation is that the purpose is about the same but the CTX are for riders who want to own something that looks like a bike not like a scooter.

    The Europeans embrace scooters, there are some cool maxi scooters out there; just the 'mericans are a having a hard time, they're too macho to be seen on anything else than a macho bike, and it's a big market so the Japanese have to cater to it. :)

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