2014 Suzuki V-strom1000 ABS coming to Thailand in May for 698k Thai Baht

Discussion in 'Suzuki Big Bikes Thailand' started by TonyBKK, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. It's official! The 2014 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS will be sold in Thailand starting in May for 698k Thai Baht-

    Deposits being accepted now!

    Wonder why the 1000 is so much more expensive than the V-Strom 650? In the US the 650 goes for $8,299 and the 1000 goes for $12,699

    Both are made in Japan, and in the rest of the world the price difference isn't nearly this big... :confused:

    Anyway! Great to have yet another top bike available in the Land of Smiles!
  2. Interesting social media comments make me think this bike might not do too well here as priced...

    But I prefer BMW F800r 480,000Baht

    It is quite boring to ride...

    Hrm stats don't really impress; Hyperstrada would be lighter by a significant amount, stronger at 110hp vs 91, and cheaper at 450k.

    in the US it's a good option because it's inexpensive; take that away and what remains is maybe not all that competitive.

    They haven't priced it well in India either. Around $5000 more than the Triumph Tiger...and for what? A more boring engine and some dim electronics.

    And they brought in a horrid turd of a bike called the Inazuma 250 and priced it on par with the Ninja-250/300 and more expensive than the KTM Duke 390.

    Suzuki has some weird management people who must be on a little island somewhere that still has rapacious cannibals, Dodos, a T-Rex and a collection of Arnold Schwarzenneger movies in the "latest arrivals" section.

    ^ Haha! This last one is spot on and comedy gold! :lol-sign:
  3. Yes interesting Comments? I myself would prefer the 650 V-Strom or if BMW continue with a Wider Range of Locally Assembled Bikes at a Reasonable Price the F800GS would be a Worthy Mount!
  4. If I remember well you can not switch off the ABS so forget any serious off-road riding, otherwise it gets good reviews.
  5. ^ Correct :)

    Not too hard to wire in an "on/off" relay to your ABS if you'd like to be able to turn it on and off. Here's how Fatlad did his Versys:


    Well done the mod to switch the ABS off today and everything works Ok even with it switched off.
    Used a SW Motech light switch that came with my driving lamps as i hard wired these into the bike so they were on all the time i was driving.
    Ran the spliced wire for the ABS through a relay as they are pretty chunky wires with a 20A fuse, i feel better for the switch rather than a large current running through it when the ABS cuts in.
    So all happy now, and you have the ABS warning light on when its switched off, just in case you forget.
    So when it ceases raining i am out for a spin

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