2017 (9th) Annual Gtr Mae Hong Son Loop Memorial Ride

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  1. Please count me in.
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  2. Hi ..see you up the re ... i'm the big guy !!! have one leg if i don't wear jeans !!! on the V-Strom without that red seat and only top box also no nose cone ... didn't like it !!
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  3. Anymore guys going?
    Please let me know for the food catering in Mae Chaem & Mae Hong Son.
    Currently I am out to 24 riders now,
  4. Please add 2 more from CR Dave
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  5. Thanks Princey

    I'm out to 32 participants now.
    It's going to be a fun time celebrating the lives of our riding buddies.

    The lunch stop in Mae Chaem is set up.
    We have good music lined up for the evening in Mae Hong Son,
    20 monks are performing our blessing ceremony in Mae Hong Son.
    The GTR Chedi is being landscaped a little.

    The weather is cool & scenery is gorgeous for a beautiful ride.

    Yesterday on R1088 Mae Chaem
    GTR - IMG_4071B.JPG

    Bring on the weekend.

    A revised summary for the trip will coming shortly.
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    The 2017 GTR Mae Hong Son Memorial Ride master plan.

    Meeting point the PTT Nam Phrae petrol station on the canal road.

    Location: Google Maps
    Heading south along the canal road it is
    12 kms south of the middle ring road R3029
    8.2 kms south of the Ton Kwain R1269 intersection
    2.0 kms south of the Ob Khan Nat Park turn off

    Meeting Time 9.15AM
    The first slow riders set off at 9.45AM

    Riders are to set off in their group of 3-4-5 bikes. We don't want a big convoy going down the road inviting accidents. Spread out & set your own group pace.

    The route Part One. Chiang Mai to Mae Chaem.
    Option 1: Chiang Mai – Doi Inthanon – Mae Chaem
    Option 2: Chiang Mai – Hot – Mae Chaem.
    Option 2 is 40 kms longer & 15-30 minutes more fast non-stop riding.

    There are two options because on a survey Wednesday 8th November it was noted that R1009 to Doi Inthanon is being resurfaced in quite a few places.
    GTR - IMG_4069.JPG
    Some sections of new asphalt have no lines & are covered in small loose stones.

    There is also fresh wet tar in other sections plus some nice rolled dirt, ready for asphalt. The fresh wet tar also means that there is only half a road to use in some places. None of this is a problem in the dry, but if it is wet the dirt sections road maybe greasy &/ or if the traffic is busy you may need to make an excursion onto the sticky asphalt.

    Riders may please themselves which way they go, but for me (riding two-up) if it is wet I will certainly go via Hot & R1088 to Mae Chaem.

    From the starting point at the PTT Nam Phrae

    Option #1 Mae Chaem via Doi Inthanon = 103 kms = 1 hr 30 minutes fast ride from the PTT at Nam Phrae
    To Mae Chaem.PNG
    From the PTT Nam Phrae it is 41 kms to the next convenient PTT stop, on R108, on the left side 600 metres before the turn right to R1009 & the Doi Inthanon road.
    The PTT Location: Google Maps
    If you want to go this way via Doi Inthanon, tell the staff at the National Park gate that you are going to Mae Chaem only, No Doi Inthanon, & you don't have to pay the 300 or 400 baht National Park entrance fee.

    Option # 2 Mae Chaem via Hot = 141 kms = 1 hr 45 minutes fast non stop ride from the PTT at Nam Phrae
    To Mae Chaem Option 2.PNG
    For option # 2 you stay on R108 to Chomthong – Hot & then towards Mae Sarieng.
    In Hot you turn right to stay on R108 go towards Mae Sarieng.
    21 kms after Hot you turn right onto R1088 & go 46 kms to Mae Chaem

    It is 73 kms from the PTT Nam Phrae to Hot.
    There is a PTT / 7-11 in Hot, on the right 500 metres after you make the right turn at the Hot clock tower. This is a convenient drink stop.
    The PTT Location: Google Maps
    R1088 to Mae Chaem from R108 is a bit patchy at the start, but it is in absolute perfect race track condition at the Mae Chaem end. If you've never been this way the scenery & riding is damn good & easier than Doi Inthanon in many ways.

    Lunch is in Mae Chaem at the Mae Chaem food centre.

    The food centre is on the right hand side 150 metres after the PTT petrol station.

    The PTT Location: Google Maps

    The entrance to the food centre is alongside the Thai Farmers bank, immediately after the bank.

    When you enter the food centre it is the shop on the left hand side.
    The lunch set up is a buffet lunch. The cost is 60 baht each for the food + your drinks. Please pay the shop keeper direct.

    Food should be ready from 11.30AM, so don't get there before 11.30AM if you can help it.
    There are 4 dishes to select from
    1. Veges
    2. Fried Rice
    3. Fried Noodles
    4. I can't remember (sorry.)
    The shop owner & his wife are a lovely genuine couple, so please drink up & make sure they get some nice business, because 60 baht for food is dirt cheap.

    After lunch the real ride starts

    Part two Mae Chaem – Mae Hong Son
    Mae Chaem to MHS is 161 kms / 2.5 hours fast non-stop riding.
    Route numbers 1088 & 1263 & 108

    There are 2 left turns from Mae Chaem – Khun Yuam.
    In Mae Na Chon you have to turn left & cross the Mae Chaem river.
    The route # is still 1008.
    Continue on this for another 5kms & then turn let to Khun Yuam & be on R1263 all the way to R108.
    Get away from Mae Chaem by 1PM & your earliest MHS Eta is about 3.30PM.

    There is one suggested stop between Mae Chaem & Khun Yuam
    This is in Pang Kia
    Google Maps

    Pang Kia, a small Hmong village is 69 kms from Mae Chaem.
    This is about 1 hour fast riding from Mae Chaem & is a good place for a quick drink / rest 'n chat.
    The shop is on the left hand side.


    From Pang Kia to MHS is 93 kms. About 1.5 hrs fast non-stop riding.
    Pang Kia to R108 / Khun Yuam = 28.5 kms / 30 minutes fast non-stop riding.
    From Pang Kia to MHS is 93 kms. About 1.5 hrs fast non-stop riding.
    Pang Kia to R108 / Khun Yuam = 28.5 kms / 30 minutes fast non-stop riding.
    From R108 / Khun Yuam to MHS is 65 kms = 1 hr fast non-stop riding.

    Arriving in MHS

    Wait & regroup at the PTT petrol station at the south end of town. It is on the left hand side going into town.
    There are toilets & a 7-11 here. Fuel up here as well for the ride home on Sunday.
    The first guys could be in MHS by 3.30PM, but we'd like you to take your time. It's not a race. We don't want any accidents or new statistics. Enjoy the scenery & take some photos as you go.

    Saturday Night Mae Hong Son
    In MHS we have a buffet meal at the Sunflower by the lake. The cost is 250 baht. Please pay direct at the Sunflower.

    At the Sunflower John Nash will be playing & entertaining us from 6.00PM – 8.30PM approximately.

    Once you are fed & sufficiently merry you can stroll on up to the Crossroads Pub for a good night celebrating the ride & departed friends.

    Breakfast the next morning is buffet style at the Sunflower. The cost for this 150 baht. Please pay direct at the Sunflower. For fans of the Salween, Nang will be helping out supplying some of the breakfast food at the Sunflower.
    After brekky around 9.30am we should be at Wat Doi Kong Mou for the 45 minute Buddhist ceremony with 20 monks in the sala where we had the ceremony last year.

    Chairs will be provided so you don't have to squat on the ground.

    We want everyone to participate in the Buddhist ceremony for a seub star" style ceremony, depicted as below

    we will be connected together by strings & blessed as a group of riders by the 20 monks.
    It is a very cool & powerful good luck ceremony.

    After this ceremony in the sala, walk up the hill to the GTR Chedi to pay our respects & take some group photos.
    Then we should be all clear to move on by 11.30 am.
    Return to Chiang Mai via Pai & route 1095.

    At the start in Chiang Mai
    There will be a few GTR Shirts for sale.
    We will also ask for donations to cover the cost of the buddhist ceremony at the temple in MHS + some chedi maintainance.
    Thanks everyone for your support.

    MotoGP 2017
    The final race is on Sunday with the race being a championship title decider.
    As we are coming back from the North, we will be passing Mae Rim & the Xcentre.
    Everyone is invited to stop & join in at the Xcentre to watch the race(s).
    Moto3 will start at 5PM
    Moto2 starts at 6.20PM
    MotoGP starts at 8pm

    Cheers one & all.
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  7. Very Excited about dish 4 at the Mae Chaem food centre. sounds like a "lucky Dip" hehehe
    Great post will full details for the ride.
    I am hoping to keep up with my "Push Bike"
    Steve (Princey)
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  8. I'm coming along
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  9. David, think you know already but just to reconfirm I'm coming (+1).
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  10. The guy I sold my Versys to yesterday is coming too
  11. I had a fantastic time it was so well organised, the monk ceremony and food afterwards a highlight well done to David and all involved in the superb organisation.
    Safe riding
  12. Thanks Paul.

    Looking forward to seeing you on next year's ride # 10 of the annual GTR MHS Memorial ride.

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