2018 Klx/d Tracker 250 Clutch Sensor Bypass Mod Test Results

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    So after visiting Thailand 10 times I finally made the call to move to Koh Samui. First thing on the list was buy a bike that is a bit more versatile than a honda click. I liked the look of the D Tracker so I lookd around for a hire shop that had one so I could take it for a test drive. The latest model I could find was a 2013 which was pretty clapped out but I gave it a good run in all the conditions I thought I might encounter and thought it would probably do the job. So I fronted up the cash to the local Kawasaki store and got myself a D Tracker. To be honest I thought a brand new bike would be 100 tmes better than the busted up 2013 hire bike but I was a little disappointed with it performance wise. Having rode KX/YZ 250's and YZ 450F's when I was younger this bike is a far cry from that level of performance. So I got on the forums to see what mods could be done. Obviously there's the exhaust which I'm going to order soon but the almost too good to be true mod is bridging the clucth sensor. Well I thought I'd give it a crack and do a series of tests to see if it actually works. Near where I live in Bangrak Koh Samui there's this massive concrete road that goes up a hill that people walk up and down in the evening for exercise. During the day I performed a series of runs to a particular point on the hill with the clutch sensor in and with it out. I also performed the same tests with the airbox cover on and with it off. I did 5 runs for each test:
    Clutch sensor in / air box cover on
    Clutch sensor bridged / air box cover off
    Then the same again with the airbox snorkel off
    With the clutch sensor in the best run out of 5 to my marker point I hit 93km/h. With the sensor bridged my best speed was 104km/h. This mod absolutely works and the most noticable aspect of it is increased rev range through 3rd and 4th gears.
    One thing I noticed that when you do the mod or take it out the efi seems to remap itself. My runs progressively got better up until run 4 and 5 where they peaked. This happened each time I made the mod for both scenarios.
    The other test I did was derestricting th air flow by taking the air box cover off. In both scenarios this made almost no difference at all... the best I could see it made 1km/hr difference in both tests. The biggest thing that mod did was make the bike a lot louder on throttle. So if you want more noise and don't want to fork out for an exhaust take off the air box cover.

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