2018 Shan New Year Thoed Thai

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    The 2018 Shan New Year will be celebrated in Thoed Thai 5-10 December, with the main parade on Friday 7 December.

    Shan New Year in Thoed Thai is pretty special, an ethnic parade, a huge fair ground, live music & ethnic dancing _ fireworks.

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    An approach has been made to the village headman to have a farang band play - Johnadda & his gang.
    If they are receptive to the idea, how many guys would like to go out to Thoed Thai for one or two nights to celebrate Shan New Year. It would be good if we could attract 20 riders to go out to Thoed Thai for the night.
    Think of the experience this would be, out in one of the more remote places in North Thailand with scores of ethnic people partying & listening to a farang band play? It would be an awesome experience & one to be remembered for a long time.

    There is enough accommodation in Thoed Thai to go around & enough restaurants

    Thoed Thai Accommodation

    Thoed Thai Restaurants

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