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    Dates: 5-6-7 December 2010.

    A bit of a brownie points trip for me with Meow aka Happy-go-lucky. Its been awhile since she could get satisfactory time off work for us to go away & do something constructive together.

    The way up & down R107-1089-1234-1130-3051 & return.

    DAY 1 5TH DECEMBER 2010

    The Kok River & Tha Ton

    img_2133. img_2137.

    HGL with her new car
    a Ford Fiesta, for those who maybe interested. Note too that I'd rather be on the bike, but as I'm off to Laos this was an excellent brownie points trip.

    Happy-go-lucky at Sweet Mae Salong, savouring the view & some sweet Mae Salong cookies.

    True to form I / we were late arriving in Thoed Thai around 7.15PM. Dinner was underway at the Ting Ting, next door to the Rim Taan Guesthouse.

    it was good to see so many guys there, especially with their "better halves."

    Meow made up for our late arrival by immediately jumping into the kitchen to make somtam for the gals.
    don't you just love this country, being able to do that.

    This year's Shan New Year celebrations ran for 3 nights in Thoed Thai & coincided with the King's Birthday celebrations & long weekend; & Thoed Thai ran their annual winter fair at the same time.

    Being way up-country in one of the more remote out of the way places populated by various ethnic people there were some real interesting characters around. This is one of the reasons why I like Thoed Thai so much & it has a real wild west feeling to it. I just love sitting around observing the many different people out & about for the New Year & Fair. :thumbup:

    img_2177. img_2179.
    The Toy gun stand was big with the kids

    BIngo it was for others

    This lady lived dangerously at the dart throwing - balloon popping stall.

    BIson? type hats were also popular with the kids.
    img_2193. img_2192.

    Some cool guys, excluding the fat old farang.


    DAY 2 6TH DECEMBER 2010

    1st night down & the morning after residue.
    a fairground littered with plastic bags. But by 10AM they were all gone. :clap:

    It was a busy time & cold: the festival staff got to sleep on stage in their tents.

    HGL in the morning fog on the swinging bridge over the Mae Kham River alongside Rim Taan Guesthouse

    The main parade was scheduled for 5PM so with a bit of time to kill TT sightseeing was the order of the day.
    1. Khun Sa, the late opium warlord's HQs.


    I've obviously been here too long & am amazed that some newcomers don't know about Khun Sa - the man who gave the Golden Triangle it's name.
    Check out ... um-warlord
    for a brief bio f Khun Sa.

    PLUS the GT Rider KMT - Doi Mae Salong drug history, & all very relevant

    2. The big Bronze Buddha. Phra Song Chai Rattana Palang Paen Din.

    3. Wat Kha Kham

    The parade started from the same place as last year, but seemed much later & with less participants.
    It is still very folksy & colourful, allowing you to get right in there & take photos. :thumbup:


    I think some of the participants may well have consumed a few beverages earlier on in the day
    well it was New Year. :thumbup:


    img_2267. img_2268.

    Red Lahu & HGL, not easy to find
    Red Lahu, that is.


    img_2284. img_2286.


    img_2288. img_2294.

    The start was delayed, true to form, & not everyone was amused

    it eventually got underway, & they took off like a rocket. Making up for lost time I guess & to appease government officials waiting at the official opening site. It was therefore a bit of frantic snap as the sped by effort thereafter.

    Red Lahu

    Leo the Lion dancers




    The Akha, & the reason for the delayed start
    they arrived very late.

    and the band played on as they went off down the main street of Thoed Thai
    :clap: :clap:

    I'm sure some of you other guys have good photos of various characters & events - please don't be shy - stick 'em up.
  2. Well it was indeed a fun weekend with plenty of festivities, colour and something for everyone, with all the local folk and the few visitors having a great time of it all
    Loads of colour
    and the ferris wheel must be the oldest one in existence
    With all this frivolity, a bloke needs a feed an a few beers
    followed by a bit of a sing song
    and the excitement of it all really gets a man on his toes
    Hogheads Versys looking really sharp
    and Grant came up on a long loop from Bangkok on his Multipasta
    The morning brought out loads more silly hats
    but what a lovely town reminding me a little of Lijiang in Yunnan
    The parade started in the afternoon with loads of colour and varying groups strutting their stuff
    as they all marched up the one street town
    interspersed by a few ring-ins from Chiang Mai
    and following up at the back of the parade, some carnival groupies
    not all of whom seemed to be paying attention to where they were going
    perhaps as a result of what was coming down the road towards them. Such friendly folk
    As darkness fell, out came the lanterns
    and everyone got in on the act
    but at the stroke of midnight, all hell broke loose as the fireworks went off all around and in amongst the crowds
    It got a bit smoky there for a while and the little hair that I have was smoldering from firework fallout
    The morning brought the odd hangover here and there
    but all in all a great event, right up until the end
  3. Really good photos - thanks to you both. Looks a real fun event & while I would like to go, I am somewhat reluctant due to the state of my leg. If much walking or standing around was involved I'd just be a complete embarrassment! So for the time being, I'll make do with these photos & reports! :thumbup:
  4. VERY good Ron!
  5. 2 nights in Thoed Thai & they were most enjoyable.
    Dusk in Thoed Thai
    And the "find" of the trip was the Saraburi Restaurant & Karaoke.
    good food, not that you can see any on the table above (yet.)

    The Saraburi beauty contestant entrant with K Kob.


    Madam Meow was a star both singing & organising the Kom Lois for flying high..


    At the fair ground

    The midnight countdown & fireworks show was incredible & one of the most bizarre wild experiences I have had in 30 years in Thailand.
    they literally let the massive fireworks off right in amongst the crowd!

    And yes Ron is correct that his minimal hair was on fire / singed! Amazing Thoed Thai.

    Wonderful Thoed Thai, Shan New Year 2011 was smoking & a right buzz.

    You could not but help smile & enjoy yourself
    I'll be back for the 2011-2012 Shan New Year on 25 & 26 November 2011.

    Madam Meow aka Happy Go Lucky & I retreated home via Doi Mae Salong, & whilst imbibing at Sweet Mae Salong I suggested Meow take a look at the Osman House rooms opposite for consideration on next trip.
    Meow was suitably impressed & that was it: night # 3 on the road.

    I sauntered off downtown & caught sports day at the local school, complete with a youthful cheer squad.

    img_2397. img_2398.

    LAUGH. I noted that not surprisingly, considering the current state of Thai politics, the opposing cheer squad across the field were all yellow.

    What a load of

    a silly sausage on R1089 on the way home. Santisuk is the village.

    Bye now. Thats me done for Shan New Year 2010-2011.
  6. A few more Happy New Year photos from Thoed Thai.







    I just love these people, they have such a style and presence.


    No stage fright among the Ahka.

    These small town festivals are a great to see how the locals celebrate and have a good time.
    This was one of the best weekends I’ve had in Thailand, and unlike other New Years Party’s I’ve been to in the past. You don’t get locked up for having a few beers and walking around with a balloon with a dumb look on your face.

    Great to see these youngsters running there own small enterprise that involves making money out of gambling and alcohol. Fantastic….. Watch out Donald Trump.

    Nice bunch of people to spend a couple of nights away with. A good time was had by all, and I look forward to doing it again.
  7. Wow...some really nice pictures of the area, the individual groups parading, and those of us fortunate enough to gone an have wonderful experience.

    Here's a few shots of all of those in the parade gathered together at Festival area at the end of the march. There were actually 1000's in the parade, but such large numbers weren't readily apparent while watching the individual groups march by. These pix were taken at the Festival area from a tall light stand...until I fell off!!



  8. Thoed Thai, Shan New Year 2011 - 2012
    24-25-26 November 2011.

    Rim Taan Guesthouse
    Tel: 053730209.
    if you want to go & book a room.

    The main parade is late afternoon on Friday 25 Nov 2011.
    If Rim Taan is full, they will find you a room at another Gh in Thoed Thai.

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