Shan New Year Thoed Thai 2010-2011

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  1. Booked my room 5 & 6th December.
  2. I tried to make a reservation at the Rim Taan G/H, for Dec 5-7, but the lady didn't understand my (marginal) Thai.
    I wasn't sure if I had the correct phone number?: 085-373-0209

    I can have a Thai friend call, in my behalf, if that is the correct phone number?

    From David's pictures and history of the area, I'm looking forward to experiencing the area.

  3. Jay check your PM's from me again.
  4. Some mates, the misses and I have a booking on the 5 & 6 so see you there. Should be fun.
  5. Made a reservation for Dec 5-7.
    Looking forward, as this will be my first excursion into the Golden Triangle area.
    As the Big Dog (David) will be there, I'm sure I'll learn much more about the regions history.
  6. As of yesterday morning Sunday 14th November there were only 5 rooms left at Rim Taan for Dec 5-6-7. :)
  7. As of this morning (17th Nov) there are 4 rooms left...
    See you all there!
  8. I'm in too so 3 rooms left
  9. Happy-go-lucky has time off work & is coming so I'm really happy. :thumbup:
    Should be a great time. :clap: :clap:
  10. Moto-Rex
    Your room is confirmed for 1 night on Sunday the 5th December.

    John at Rim Taan says that the big parade is on the 6th, so we are all in luck.

    "Sadly" Happy-go-lucky & I will be driving up in Happy-Go-Lucky's brand spanking new <300 kms Ford Fiesta car.
    Happy-Go-Lucky is over the moon & it aint even full moon.
  11. Anyone want to ride up with me Monday morning?

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