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  1. Sala Pow Yunnan



    The "Sala Pow shop factory" in Thoed Thai



    5 Flavours


    Low season 1,000 Sala Pows a day.

    High season 1,500 - 2,000 a day!
    Bloody impressive for a Mum & Daughters shop.





    Location on the left hand side, going into Thoed Thai, before the police checkpoint.
    Sorry no GPS this trip.
  2. Thoed Thai has not yet a plethora of hangouts and every small café or ‘order made’ eatery is worth to be mentioned.

    Slightly before the village centre, ahead of the school, where the road plunges down, a small ‘café and pies’ was recently opened. It is called ‘You and Me’ (Toer & Chan). Wifi is available and it closes at around 17:00.



    Just opposite ‘You and Me’ café there is a small, fun eatery providing ‘order made’ (tam sang) food. It's called ‘Muay Dek Sen’. The friendly lady owner opens till 19:00 or 20:00, depending on the customer affluence.

    (Unfortunately, I made no picture of that den).

    In the center, opposite the sports field’s entrance (just before the market), there is another Café, a little longer established. It also provides traditional massage.

    In addition to drinks, a small choice of food is available and, in the (early) morning, it is possible to get an honest breakfast with eggs and toasts (or items brought in from the nearby market).

    The lady owner has twin daughters and the place is also very friendly.



    For bikers, the opposite mechanic shop might be a beacon (and, sometimes, a helping hand).

  3. Arh yes, now I remember. Thanks Jurgen.
  4. The Ting Ting

    is a popular Chinese restaurant next door to the Rim Taan Guesthouse.
    The place is spotlessly clean & can cater to big tour groups

    The food is damn good, especially the vege dishes - superb!

    We had a big GTR dinner here in 2010 for Shan New Year

    Highly recommended as the spot to in in Thoed Thai.

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