3 day ride out of Chang Mai

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  1. Greetings from HC,
    Looking at some sort advice on the best 3/4 loop ride out of Chang Mai, what the normal route is (I suspect its a lot of black top), relaxed riding between overnights, a location for a bike hire, a suggested best suited bike that will work with a pillion rider ( no extra lux or power required, just the standard) and a mid range basic accommodation used for riders. Looking at holidaying in late August . Much appreciated in advance, best
  2. off road or tarmac?

    Plenty of stuff either way. If tarmac most people head for the mae Hon g Son loop. Quite nice but I reckon this is over rated , better roads (with options to get around rain and a vartiety of roads rather than being locked into one loop without escape) heading northeast.
  3. Hi HC,

    Come and see me at Tony's Big Bikes in Chiang Mai, suss a bike then plot up at Jonadda's guest house and plan a trip out towards Nan - excellent! :)

    Cheers & have a good trip!

  4. As "first timers", I'd say go for the MHS Loop.
    But there are heaps of loops to do, it just depends on how you feel at the time & what you want to see or ride.
    There are so many options it is confusing, & every salesman in town will have a nice line for his best recommendations.
    Meet up with the GT Rider gang at the Kafe, knock back a few coldies / reds, get overwhelmed with info & toss a coin on the day.

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