300 EFI Big bore kit and fit

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  1. G'day All,

    Just wondering if there is any where in Bangkok that can supply and fit a 300 Big bore kit for KLX EFI in Bangkok.

    Not interested in going carb... KISS is my moto as I know nothing about mechanics and engines.

  2. There is a Kawasaki OEM 300cc big bore kit that is quite cheap. You have to order and wait as they normally do not keep it in stock. Talk to Trent- he got a quote on this kit recently from Kawasaki Rama 9
  3. Thanks Tony.
  4. Dropped in to Kawasaki Rama 9 Saturday.

    Trent had been speaking with K. Boi.. She is no longer with Kawasaki.

    Will follow up with them again Monday.

    When I went out to spare parts.. They had a book for 250 cc and 300 cc and passed them to me to pick what I wanted to order.
    Having no idea said I will speak with them again Monday.

    Will let you all know how it goes.

  5. Kawasaki can provide all the parts to change from 250cc to 300cc - EFI.
    - But not the ECU

    (A question for the more mechanically minded)

    The mechanic claims that with out the proper ECU.. The performance will not be like a 300 cc.

    Any way around this with the standard ECU
    Is this a job for the API ECU and having the programmable ECU tuned for 300cc performance.

    Sorry if my questions are not clear.. I am not mechanically minded at all.

  6. I expect you will need to adjust fueling and possibly timing to gain full benefit of a 300cc piston. You can do that with the programmable API ECU or a PowerCommader V.

    I believe you already have an API ECU but not sure if yours is the programmable one or not?

    ps. A PCV for the KLX goes for about $300 in the US. Understand the API programmable ECU is about 10000 baht, so cost is roughly the same.
  7. I can get a reprogrammed ECU in Chiang Mai to use with 300cc big bore.
    Ypu can PM me for more details
  8. Thanks Alrikki…

    A little update today.

    The Kawasaki Mechanic will make a list of what is needed and then take it to the spare parts department.
    So I should have a price for all the parts from Kawasaki soon.

    Finally got through to API today. The programable ECU can be mapped for the 300CC Big Bore kit.

    Be interested to know if your contact is using the API ECU. API also have another ECU for sale too. (Forget the name now - will ask again)
    Any ideas on how much he is selling the ECU for?

    API was around 12k baht.. Seems a lot more expensive than when I picked up my Programable ECU 2.5 years back.

    The current ECU I have can be programmed for the 300 cc if the firmware version is the right one.

  9. Had this from Rama 9 today.


    A little more expensive than I imagined. Surely all of this is not needed.
    May be Mr Rama 9 figures I am having this built from scratch.

    Does not include the ECU.

  10. ^ Hmmm, well, you certainly need the piston and cylinder, ring set, gaskets, o-rings, etc, but I'm wondering about the last two parts, the "head-asst cylinder", part 11002-1322 and the Head Cover, part 14090-1477?

    A quick search reveals that the first part number is for the entire cylinder head assembly:
    The second part is the head cover, but it's no different than the one that's already on your bike.

    I'd double check with the mechanic as I really don't think you need these parts. None of the other big bore kits, such as the Bill Blue 351 of the Kustom Kraft 330 require any changes or modification to the cylinder head assembly or head cover.

    If you deduct these parts from the total then you get a price that is quite close to what Trent was quoted when he asked about the 300cc conversion a while back.

    Also, the head cover gasket can be reused and only needs to be replaced if damaged.
  11. Would you even need the cylinder? Couldn't your original cylinder just be bored out?

    Also the cylinder head and cover is not needed.
  12. Doing this mod already on my thai klx i can assure you that you will need a PCV with a 300 cc map (i may still have the map). API was a joke when i contacted them but things may have changed. The bike will be lean with out fuel mods. The job takes about 4-6 hours if you have never done it before. Like others have said the last two items should not be needed.
  13. No personal experience with API but some of my friends in Siam Enduro Club have successfully used the API programmable ECU in conjunction with the Kawasaki 300cc kit. My understanding, and again, no personal experience, is that if you bring your bike to API they'll set up and tune the ECU for you.

    Personally I'd choose a PowerCommander V paired with an Autotune because I like to be able to set it up myself and make adjustments as needed, something that seems nearly impossible with the API ECU...
  14. ask Brian for your project (300 big bore kit&fit) sucess or fail ??

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