3049- Nakhon Nayok

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  1. Does the 3049 heading north out of Nakhon Nayok join up with the 3077, to then head up to Pak Chong? All the maps I've consulted says it doesn't, as there are waterfalls at the end of it. However I thought that someone who has ridden the road might know better and there might be a road/trail joining the 2 roads. Cheers.
  2. I drove up there last year in march in the pickup and the main road only goes to the big and beautiful falls and picnic areas , unless there is an off road trail thats the end off the line,

    cheers jerry
  3. Hi,

    I asked (2 years ago) and was told NO. I recommend working yourself a little East to 3077 (N) >2090. May have to take Big Road (2) short distance ~2 km. to be sure to enter Pak Chong. Ask just before you come to Highway 2. Very easy.

    Bernie (tu02)[:)]

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