'brand new' X Road for sale in Pattaya area

Discussion in 'Tiger / Sachs Motorcycles in Thailand' started by KZ, Nov 3, 2011.

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    KZ, i saw that Ad on Bahtsold too .... since there aren't still any new x-roads available ( the prior shipment has been sold out since months ) , this a good opportunity if someone wants to have this very special looking Bike.
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    How much did you pay including taxes and everything?

    I sent the guy an email, asking him why he's selling it:

    "I will be migrating back to aust next year. not sure when I will be back. it's a reluctant sale, maybe the company can buy it and sell it on again."

    Didn't know they were "sold out".
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    the first units were sold for 89k thb...but this seller had likely added shipping and has insurance paid for it too. I wonder if there is any mileage on the bike.

    Yep, they were sold out for quite sometime....one of the reasons why i stopped with the online shop ...can't sell a product that you don't have :)
    I know Tiger was not particularly pleased with some of the components quality and asked the chinese manufacturer to implement proper countermeasures....but they ,to date, were unwilling to do this and Tiger won't order until things are better. But those who have an x-road 250 here can be assured there is plenty spares available from Tiger Motors ( i inquired specifically as i have one myself).

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    So there was only a first shipment which is old out, and if the Chinese don't deliver better components there will be no more X Roads imported?
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    It appears that way - but they seem to be expecting a proper change to some improvement on the ckd kit....but time will tell ( and i know Tiger is not alone for holding back on this). I know quite a few x-road owners from other countries such as Columbia, OZ,NZL and they observed the same matter.....it is mainly a crappy looking welding ( it holds up though) and also the paintjobs ( lucky there aren't so many painted parts such as tank & fenders). The engine / gearbox itself is doing fine .. also indicators are not so good ( i changed mine into LED's for the looks, but also for being better) and a more absorbing engine mount would also be helpful .
    I don't know much other problems really but that don't mean there aren't any other issues.

    Just for info, the ZZ 250 which is a sachs-megelli product ( engine on this was developed mainly from tiger) , but tiger never got into this product for being of a terrible quality , the x-road ,Tiger reckoned, was still a lot better built.

    Umm, KZ these are all old news....it was all mentioned on Tiger/Sachs Forum like months ago ....

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    Since I am interested in the X Road I followed the postings quite closely and am surprised that the above mentioned problems are "old news".

    Until now all I've read was what a great bike it is.

    Could you point out the post where the improvement to the 'ckd-kit' (what is that?), crappy welding and paint job, the more absorbing engine mounts (does the bike vibrate?) and the not so good indicators are mentioned?
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    I didn't realize that you were referring to a different website.
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    KZ, tiger/sachs forum at www.tigersachsclub.com/Forum is my own website which i started a couple of years ago - during that time i owned a Tiger Boxer 250RS ....ummm must be the 3rd year now. Most of the brand specific discussion is happening there really. David was kind enough to also open later a section for tiger/sachs bikes here on gt-rider which i try to post things on as much as i can ...but i hope you do understand that the own Forum has somewhat priority. Sometimes in course of a discussion things are being talked about which other ways may not be mentioned .

    So yes, the x-road has also have weaker points but they are either , visual ( such as the frame paint ) or had little importance to me ( such as indicators,which i changed ) , not sure where you would put the frame's welding but since it held up for my 1xxkg and in real bumpy ridings i would rather call it a visual weak point.

    Anyways, you are welcome to join us there ( yes, there is a german section too ) :)


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