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  1. Has anyone been at the very end of the dragon trail where Laos, Cam and Viet meets. I have been to Ta veng but not further. I know there is petrol and water avalible there, but what about further north.
    Pleaces of camping etc
    Thanks for all advice

    DRZ 400 rider
  2. The Dragon Trail is also known as the "tri border" because of the meeting of the three borders. For a review of the Cambodian side, see the thread on

    http://board.gt-rider.com/topic.asp?TOP ... rchTerms=a

    and the web site on

    http://board.gt-rider.com/topic.asp?TOP ... rchTerms=a

    This is the nearest to the old tri border that anyone has gotten on the Cambodian side, at least where there is a trip report about it. You'll need to click through the pages to find the pictures from that area. The guys who did it simply sturck out into the jungle with a GPS. Needless to say, it is not a trip to be done alone. Also, as you read the report, you will notice that at least one of the guys on that ride got a serious case of both malaria and dengue fever at the same time. Most likely, the Cambodian guys who run the Virochey National Park office in Voeun Sai would be the best source of information about trips into the park along the border with Laos, but the French guy who runs "Terres Rouges" guest house in Banlung might also have some news about the area. He has been living there with his motorcycles for many years now. See his site on


    The Lao side of this area was reviewed on the thread on

    http://board.gt-rider.com/topic.asp?TOP ... rchTerms=a

    Attapeu is the base for visits to the Lao side of this area.

    Enjoy your ride.
  3. Thanks Rec for information and links, I will not do it alone as I do most of my rides, but this one looks a bit tough even for me. Have a Khmer friend in Banlung who is familier with most of Rathanakiris djungel, but not this area. He speak several hill tribe laungages and I speak descent Khmer.

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