4 day trip with Rob : Part II Riding along the Mekong to Chiang Kong

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  1. What can I say.. Amazing bit of road.. So good we went back and did it again.
    Riding along the Mekong with glimpses of the Mekong and Laos on your right and a fun winding road along the river.

    Here it is:-

    New upload link with the audio track fixed.

  2. Amazing road and VDO, seems like a high speed one and next to no traffic. At the end again the unavoidable 'Rot Grapong' taking over and ignoring any oncoming traffic........rgds, FR
  3. Brian i have done that road a few times and it is good, thanks for the clip. Good to see you again in Chiang Mai and see you next time.

  4. where do you start this road??
    im planning the same trip (but going on into laos and beyond!) and this looks like a great start from CM

    on my trusty pcx125 so maby not quite at your speed!!

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