5 Days in the Jungle, Bangkok-Umphang-Thong Pha Phum-Bangkok

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  1. Another epic vid of an awesome ride mate!
  2. Amazing trip with awsome video!!!
  3. Hey Mike !! Just saw the video, had no idea you were crashing so many times behind me............ :) I thought I was the only one crashing constantly.
  4. Of all the threads on GTR yours covering the 2 trips between Umphang & the Three Pagodas take the cake. Absolute rippers!
    I was looking to do the trip in May/June but rain was already a worry. When Auke sent me a photo of your most recent trip before you posted your report I put things back from September to next February. I'm now revisiting the whole project - hey I've got kids your age/s.
    Brilliant. Keep it going!
  5. Well done guys! This trip is on my list too but only in the dry season...
  6. Fantastic ride and great video to show it.. well done.
  7. Respect, nothing else than respect for you guys. Well done and keep going, looking forward to the next report. Wonder what kind of crazy trip that will be about.
  8. Mike sent me an sms saying he has some new wilder trip planned. I sent back a text saying good luck in finding some one crazy enough to go with him. He then texted back saying I was going..... :-( Guess I have to keep hitting the gym, and make sure my will is made out.
  9. Thanks for the inspiration......:happy2:Cheers
  10. Awesome trip, awesome video.... and remind me to never, ever even consider joining a trip with you guys :D
  11. Awesome! :happy2:
  12. Amazing ride & contributors. Thanks again guys.
  13. Thanks everyone for your comments. I think one definition of an adventure is that the outcome is never known until the very end, which was certainly the case in this trip. We were very lucky to get out when we did...

    Here's a map of the Loop:
  14. Mike and RH - Fantastic report guys!! I'm thankful now that when you called me for this ride the KTM was getting a new motor. It looks a killer. So how much did this trip differ from the last ride through there? Any chance of a track overlay comparing the two routes from Sanklaburi to Umphang? Curious where you guys changed it from last year.

    Once again awesome trip guys.

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