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  1. a huge ,well organized and informative site , city by city, covers vietnam ,laos,cambodia and best of all-- thailand-on- bikes, some fine photos! has had a very good response . please add your comments .drop by my coco blue bar and talk- travel. right behind the large mandalay disco just inside the old section. blake the son & marc the dad p.s. cheers to the g.t. riders site!!

    website; blakemarc.smugmug.com ---personal; [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

  2. Minor clarification/correction to Dads Post"
    The website www.blakemarc.smugmug.com is our personal photos and corresponding comments of our 6 month tour. And the bamboo bar behind Mandalay is now called "LOST HUT" and its on the quiet corner where Moon Muang Soi 1 meets Moon Muang Soi 2. Its a relaxing little hut where you can actually have good conversation and listen to good Blues, Rock and Raggae, instead of screaming over rap music, and being harrased by bar girls. Come check it out sometime!
    See you soon,

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