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Discussion in 'Technical' started by r136dg, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. r136dg

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    Time to get this done. I've never used Ultima gear in any of my bikes before; but, for literally 1/4 the price of Baker or SE I'm compelled to give it a shot. So far (IMHO) I've noticed some inferiority in the shift drum and shims & 1 bearing missing from the kit. Not even close to a show stopper though.
    Time to get the main bearing out of the freezer.

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  3. monsterman

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    yes the ultima is not as well made or finished as , baker trans or [email protected] but its is cheaper ,, i helped a friend build a chop in UK with an Ultima engine but it did have issues ,,
    I saw revetch trans and engines being built in a factory in korea and they also made badge transmissions and motors for custom chrome ,, probably ultima too ???
  4. r136dg

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    Apologize for the late results on this install. Anyways, I had to do some extra grinding in the case for the indent spring. Also had to use a lot of my own bolts. Neutral's harder to find. 4rth has a little whine to it with an additional neutral light. 6th has a nasty whine (these whines are probably tight gear meshing IMHO). They may wear and fade with time or something catastrophic may happen. I'll have my 5 rebuilt & standing by either way.
    On another note for any of you Harley guys, I'm going to post a good engine oil alternative with a link to the spec sheet under the "what oil are you using thread".
    Ride safe!
  5. Hoghead

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    A 6 speed is my next big mod and I would be very interested in your experience with the Ultma as I too have heard negative comments
    Google it and you will see a lot of complaints about Ultima

    Is Ultma not made in China?

    The price is very attractive but, I am not rich enough to afford buying cheap parts
    Or put another way:
    If you can't afford to do it right the first time, what makes you think that you can afford to do it twice?

    Is your 6th a OD or are the ratios closer
    I would prefer a higher 6th, with the existing ratios
  6. r136dg

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    It's an OD. My final drive ratio in 5th is 3.19. Can't remember what it is in 6th, but I have to be 120kph+ to use it. I have to use GPS to get true speed since I can't re-calibrate my speedo through the Thunder Max like you're supposed to be able to do (any gearset will require recalibration). I'm really not to excited about this gearset and will probably put the 5 back in after it's rebuilt. That was always the plan unless I really fell for the 6 anyhow. We'll see. ???
    I think it's hit & miss on these Ultima 6's. I know they sell them like hot cakes & have heard of them behind 124"ers getting the crap beat out of them for years. Of course you always hear about the failures, and there's many Baker & Jims failures out there too. I don't usually talk up HD products, but their tranny's are bullet proof. If you were sure you could use a 6 speed here, I would consider HD's SE or S&S's. RevTech's on the other side of the spectrum with Primo & Ultima not far behind IMHO.
    Another option is the Johnson Twist Gear. Close ratio 1st-4rth where your torque will be and a larger spread to 5th for lower rpm at cruising.
  7. Hoghead

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    why are you not excited and is this tha Ultima or 6 speed/ratios in general

    My interest in the 6 speed is that I have to push mine a bit to keep up with Bungy and his 6 speed when the road opens up. It can keep up with the 5 speed no problem but I would prefer lower revs
  8. r136dg

    r136dg Active Member

    It's the Ultima I'm not really excited about. I have a chain secondary drive so ratios are pretty easy to change (of course parts aren't always within reach here). Most OD6's go from 1:1 in 5th to .86:1 in 6th, so there's a little more drag in 6th. No big deal really & on some bikes ya can't even feel it. With the Ultima I got, it seems there's tighter gear meshing in 6th; hence, the nasty whining there & more drag. Also (not really a big deal) neutral's harder to get, the extra neutral light in 4rth & 4rth has a bit of a whine.
    From what you're saying, sounds like an OD6 is what you're after. But if it's a long term keeper, I'd research for some better quality IMHO. With the HP & TQ #'s I seen you post, you could easily get away with a couple more teeth on your front sprocket. That would shave a few hundred rpm's from up top, cheap, easy days job & you could use your same belt.
    Be advised, that 17" rear wheel you were talking about, depending on the profile tire, that will change gearing in its self to some extent.
  9. Hoghead

    Hoghead Ol'Timer

    Missed the chain drive in your pics!

    The more I hear about Ultima the less I am willing to go that route. I do think that there is a fix for the 4th neutral light using a different sensor (softail?) but for the life of me cannot remember which PN

    I have also been thinking about the likely higher overall gearing effect of the new 17" rear tire and the final calc will have to wait until I choose the tire and know the circumference. Whichever way I go the tire size is critical to all the ratio calculations

    If the tire does not do it, then it is simple enough to change either the front engine sprocket (easy) or the transmission pulley. All of these methods will lower RPM in 5th but I will lose the torque advantage of lower gearing in the bottom gears

    The best of both worlds would be changing the engine countershaft sprocket to increase torque, and going with a OD6 box for relaxed cruising, but like most things it will come with a cost.

    I see that a HD 6 speed box can be had for about the same price as Ultima internals. I need to learn if this can be bolted to my 00 Dyna engine and what ratios are installed from the factory.
    I do know that the inner primary is different for 99-00 Dyna re the box bolt circle mount and will need to be changed, but not sure what else is involved

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