7 Maybe 8 Day Rides From Chiang Mai

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  1. G'day GT Riders
    A group of mates and I did our first Thailand ride last year and are looking at heading back again this year and I was looking for suggestions for a loop from Chiang Mai.
    A loop towards Chiang Rai and across towards Lao could be interesting but not sure if 7 to 8 days would be long enough.
    Any way I'd be grateful for your suggestions.
  2. If based in CNX you could do Nan - Phayao - Golden Triangle - MHS loop - Umphang - CNX.
    Overnight wherever you end up. Many hotels/guest houses on the routes.
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  3. G'day canthai thanks for your suggestion I'll take a look at the map.
  4. From wherever you are in North Thailand it is only ever a day's ride maximum back to Chiang Mai.
    For me just play it as you go.
    Follow this GTR North Thaiiland Trip Planner

    The Golden Triangle / Laos border Run
    The Way To Go
    Chiang Mai – Chiang Dao – Arunothai – Fang – Tha Ton – Doi Mae Salong – Thoed Thai – Doi Tung – Mae Sai – GT – Chiang Saen – Chiang Khong – Pha Tang – Phu Chi Fah – Chiang Kham – Tha Wang Pa – PUa – Doi Phukha – Nan – Chiang Muan – Phayao – Mae Kachan – Chiang Mai​

    Ride at a pace that you are comfortable so that you can stop & see things along the way. Take photos. Hang out with the locals.
    Nearly all the towns are good. Some have more night life than others.

    Trip reports: Places to go & see on the Golden Triangle Loop.
    A Top End Meander
    Doi Pha Tang
    The Big Dipper
    Phu Chi Fah

    Phu Chi Fah to Mae Hong Son

    In Nan: The riding in Nan is so good you easily could spend 3 – 4 days there.

    To fully understand the road network & how to get the best out of your trip use a GT Rider guide map.

    Some waterfalls in the North.

    The top roads in the North.​

    Accommodation: you can check out the GT Rider Accommodation suggestions here

    Food – where to eat: GTR has a list of recommended restaurants for every town.

    Quieter favourite overnight towns
    Doi Mae Salong
    Thoed Thai
    Chiang Khong
    Chiang Kham
    also good are
    Chiang Saen​
    My favourite towns are the quieter ones for a better cultural experience.

    Overnight towns with night life
    Chiang Rai
    Mae Sai

    Take a GT Rider Golden Golden Triangle guide map to understand the road network & all the options. With so many choices and options available it is important to know where you are in relation to all the towns and the distances involved.
    Thoed Thai is my top out of the way place to go
    Prince of Death Road Trip-Khun Sa Memorial
    once you have over nighted here you can say you have spent a night in the heart of the Golden TRriangle.

    A fun time on the road for Destination Thailand
  5. Hey David
    Cheers for putting all this info together for us it's a huge help. Now the fun part putting our trip together.
    Cheers Dave

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