95 Benzene (non gasohol) petrol where to buy

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  1. On this thread list towns & petrol stations where you can still buy 95 Super / Benzene (non gasohol) fuel.

  2. I'll add to this thread that in Hua Hin, there is the Shell Garage on Petchkasem Road that still has Benzin reserves :)
    Just head north from the Kings Clock Tower (where the road forks) and it's on your left.
    It's pricy, but worth it.
  3. There is 95 available in NAN town

    N 18.77875
    E 100.77145
  4. It definitely looks like Shell is doing the right thing & continuing to offer 95 benzene through many of their outlets.
    Now how to get a list from Shell of where their 95 Benzene outlets are?
  5. By Chance i called into two CALTEX Stations that were selling 95 in Pattaya and on the Outskirts of Bangkok so seems SHELL and CALTEX are the Stations of Choice? The further North You come the Less Chance of Finding 95 anywhere though :cry:
  6. Mates

    I sent mail to Shell customer service this morning and asking if they could provide complete list of stations in Kingdom still selling 95,,,they workin on it,, i got that out from them already...so lets wait and see what they are saying. 8)
  7. The v power is my favorite,here you can buy the purest grade 99 oct it will increase the performce of your engine.

    there is no reason to belive that all that alcohol do your bike any good,try to drink a pint of alcohol evry 10 km it will siriously mess you up.
  8. Hi
    Not that i'm bashing your post but, As you seems to be so sure, would you mind to post "actuall" facts from your bike what is clearly shows those said CLEAR Increase's? as A Facts?

    Im just insterested as i ride b4 with 95 Gasoline with my LT and now with 95 Gasohol about 2yrs and i havent see any changes of Engine performance.
  9. Marco

    picked up 2 k1200gt from berlin last year from the biggest dealer there,the gt has 152 hp as far as i remember,the dealer said as the new k engines are based on F tecknology the engine ajusts to the fuel and with 99 oct i would have 163 on the gt.

    I thought the guy was joking but i checked around and it seems to be a fact,but the efect is allways messured with low grade fuel.

    I dont think it counts for the LT as the tecknology is a bit older,i filled up the duke yesterday with 99 but have no idea if does any differend.

    Just had a chat with a friend,he tested metan alcohol on his zx12 result was less performance,then he did the same on his triumph daytona he claimed no diffrend,on the other hand he said that he probably could get the daytona to run on diesel

    personaly i will never consider filling gasohol on my bike as long as i can get the real deal

    be safe
  10. Nuwatmat

    thanx for that, whould be nice if there would be possibility put the bike in the test bench and then check engine performance with both fuels and got results out here,, :wink:
  11. Here in Pattaya/Jomtien we used to fill up the tank w. 95 V-Power at Shell on Sukhumvit [3], between Na Jomtien and Blue Lagoon. Unfortunately they have also recently changed the station to Gasohol only.

    Luckily there is still 95 Gold +Techron (pure benzene) available at Caltex on Sukhumvit, just south bound of Thepprasit rd & Tesco-Lotus.
  12. As this is my first post on here I would like to say hello to all of you. It is great to be a member, such a wealth of information and looks like a nice board.

    I live in a Bangkok suburb close to a main highway leading to and from the city to the North and Central Thailand. There are perhaps twenty gas stations in my immediate neighborhood, and only two of them sell 95 octane gasoline. I have a Honda Magna V45 and was careful to buy only gasoline, not gasohol, for a long time. However, one day I ran into a problem: I was suddenly out of gas and the only gas station close by had no benzene 95, only gasohol95. I mixed gasohol and benzene for a few weeks after this, then suddenly the engine started to sputter and lose power, it was impossible to rev it up. The bike is now in a big-bike garage, but being an older model (1988 and really a collector's item since only 3.500 were ever made by Honda that year) I was told by some people that the gasohol would destroy all rubber gaskets it came in contact with. However, the owner of the big bike garage in Lam Lukka where my bike presently is, said that gasohol or not was totally immaterial to the problem of my bike. I am in no position to judge what he said but I rather doubt he is right. However I believe that old rust or debris from inside the fuel tank could have clogged the fuel lines as the symptoms are pretty much fuel starvation. It remains to be seen what is the matter until the machine gets properly inspected, which will happen this week, and I will then post the result if it proves to be material to the discussion here.
  13. I want to add that I have found that Esso gas stations as a rule have 91 octane gasoline. Most other companies seem to have changed to gasohol 91 and 95, at least here in this part of greater Bangkok. I have been careful only to use real gasoline since I had serious trouble with my motorcycle during the rainy season, as rainwater or moist air was sucked into the gas tanked even when it was closed, when I used gasohol. Gasohol mixes very readily with water and water vapor.
  14. Thats a very good point.
  15. I just filled up my big jerry can & bike at the susco station with 95 benzene (27th August 2011). It's on the north bound side of the main road to the Phuket airport, about 1km before the traffic lights for airport. They had a 7000 ltr delivery which won't last that long but when it's gone they usually take around 2-3 weeks for another delivery....hence jerry can!! It's the only 95 benzene station on Phuket, that I can find.
  16. Problem is, the stations with the 95 Benzine Gasoline. Are they a constant renewed fuel? Or are they the leftovers from 2 years ago that will last until they are gone.

    Reason I am asking this is, if it's the old fuel that has halted production and still on sale on those fuel stations until they run out. That definitely I would not want to pump into the engine.

    But if it's a constant renewed fuel, that is STILL in production and once the pump runs out, they would refill it. That's fine.

    Anybody knows?

    Especially since now benzine is so cheap 8)
  17. My first post so Sawadee to everyone!
    On this business of fuel pref 95 octane- does anypone have a mapsource file with the gps locations of these to help those of us who (sadly) cannot speak Thai?
    It would be wonderful if it existed.
  18. SOME PTT gas stations sell Alpha X ( http://www.pttplc.com/TH/MSDS-th/Performa_gold.htm) which is pure 95 Benzine. There is a PTT Station NE of Don Muang Airport on RT 305 ( 13°59'32.90"N 100°39'2.95"E). 46 baht/liter. Surely there must be more out there. You can also order the stuff by the 50 Gallon drum if you have room at your place.

    Attached files .jpg"] 279475=10830-2012-05-15-292[1].
  19. Good to see PTT supplying demand for 95 gasoline.

    Perhaps this marks the end of the Thai govt's ill-conceived efforts to phase out this fuel?

    Caltex has been the only place to get 95 gasoline recently. Fortunately they've continued to offer 95 gasoline at about 90 stations in and around Bangkok. They sell 95 gasoline in some other parts of Thailand as well.

    Useful link for finding the stations that stock Techron Gold 95 gasoline:


    Caltex even has apps for iPhone and smartphones, but I haven't tried em...

    icons-app-windows7-white.jpg icons-app-iphone.JPG icons-app-android.JPG icons-app-blackberry.jpg icons-app-ovi.jpg
  20. Tony,
    Thanks for that Link! There seems to be a lot of places around BKK selling the Techron Gold 95. One close to my place!

    I tried to download that Nokia APP, but it is no longer available.
  21. I am no longer having any problems finding 95 benzine unlike 4 or 5 months ago. Are there any parts of the country where it is still difficult to get. I would like to know in advance so i can plan ahead if I am in that area.
  22. You will find that parts of rural Issan and the North do not have regular 95 , sometimes even Gasohol 95 is scarce , your bike will run fine on Gasohol 95 but fill the tank with regular 95 when possible to flush the system
  23. Our Local PT Gas Station now Sells Real Gasoline 95 instead of 91. If You head up the Mae Sa Valley from Mae Rim go past the X-Centre a kilometer or so and the Gas Station is on the Right!
  24. The PTT station in Nan has 95 Benzine at 46.7b per litre and the 91 is now a gasahol blend for 36b/l. The bike feels much stronger on the 95, economy i have no idea.

  25. Many more places in Chiang Rai selling it now too, most are 48-49baht but the PTT near King Mengrai statue is only 44.6 baht per litre :)

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