95 Octane Fuel

Discussion in 'Technical' started by GTNZ, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know if 95 is available in Chiangmai now? I've been away for 6 months and can't find normal 95 anywhere. Looks like it's 95 Gasohol or plain 91.

    Is there a good octane booster available around town?
  2. I made the same discovery during our recent road trip (yes, David, I'm working on the report!). I, too, was wondering if 95 has been banned altogether. Not that I can find the stuff in the BKK area either, mind you...!

    Then again, I find my engine runs nicely on 91. Does anyone know of detrimental effects on engine components?
  3. Thanks alot David and Merry Christmas mate!
  4. The only place I've been able to find benzine 95 is at the Shell station on the left just after you pass the turn to 1095 in Mae Taeng. Otherwise I use gasahol 95 in my 3-year-old Phantom with no negative effects but it seems to run and even sound stronger with a tank full of the 100% benzine.
  5. Coming in the 118 from Doi Saket cross over the superhighway traffic lights and a couple of hundred metres down on the lefthand side is a Shell station selling it. Price 27.14 baht per litre (6 hrs ago).
  6. what bike are u using?
  7. Mine runs on anything at the pump but diesel but runs better with the higher octane fuels.
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  9. Regular 95 bhas not been banned but is getting difficult to find everywhere.still available in Pattaya area and BKK from shell and caltex.

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