97 Harley 1200XLC Sportster for sale

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  1. Fresh import, under 20k miles, Harley Sportster 1200XLC for sale. Has optional quick release windshield and back support.

    350,000 baht without book. Will register for 50,000 baht, all paperwork clean and in order.

    Make offer, this one needs a new home, two 2005 883s are on the way.

    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  2. where are u based that u can register a Harley for only 50,000 baht?

  3. I have registerd 38 harleys in BKK average cost 70 -80 k with inspection
    (20,000) without inspection the green book is useless when u sell on are u using Samat prakan office or morchit .

  4. Email me and I will update you.

    Best, xbusman
  5. Hi Jerry,
    Maybe you can help me. I am looking for a Harley engine Shovel or Evo. Complete basket case, if possible, for a reasonable price. If the price is right, I would be in the market for it now, if not, I'll probably wait until this fall, when I get back from Canada.
    Do you know, how much it would cost to bring in one of the new S&S engines into Thailand (the ones that look like the old shovels? Somewhere between 80" - 96")
    Or, approching it from another end...do you know anyone it Thailand with a Shovelhead for sale, for a reasonable price? (Not AMF)

  6. id like a harley but i cant grow the beard !
  7. hi kurt , Call Ed at Hotrod in Pattaya he has had some shovels and also some other engines dont know how much , If u send engine from canada expect 35% duty as spares , but be careful Thai customs may steal it.

  8. Thanks a lot, Jerry. Just looked at their website. Looks like they build some nice bikes. Just sent them a note under their contact page.
    What do you think about this idea?..... split the cases of an engine in Canada, divide it up into my two luggage bags and just bring the engine in that way? Then get a buddy of mine to bring over the inner and outer primary and a few other parts when he comes over this fall. Any experience doing that or know anyone for whom it has worked?
  9. problem will be when u come to register the bike, no import papers = no or dodgy registration, not impossible but more potential hassle.

  10. Kurt
    Buy local & go with the flow / system. If it was that easy hundreds of guys would be doing it that way, but I don't think anyone is because it is too much trouble = time consuming / costly & all you might at best end up with is a dodgy rego that can never be transferred from from the original place of rego, or from owner to owner.
  11. Hi Jerry and David, thanks for the tips.
    Well, I went on the Hotrod website, after you gave me the link, Jerry. Looking at all those nice and shiny new Arlen Ness and S&S Parts, nearly brought tears to my eyes....
    Then, this Wednesday, we went up to Chiang Rai, to visit some friends from Black Rabbit's. One of them had a Harley Dyna Low Rider for sale and I scooped it up and rode it home yesterday. Looking at pics on line, I think it's a '94, but not 100% sure. Got the 5 Speed Dyna tranny and Evolution Engine, Shorty Shocks on the back. Lots of Chrome and power. I am happy.

    Now, I just have to figure out where to get a good repair manual for it. I was hoping to maybe find one as a PDF online for now, until I get one ordered or brought over by a friend. Hopefully I won't need it for a while, but if it's anything like the old Shovels I used to ride, I better get a manual soon ;-)

    Anyways, thanks for all your help guys.
    I don't plan on registering it yet, but would be interested in costs to register a Harley here, Jerry. Will I have to bring it to Bangkok to do it, or can I get it done in the North here?

    Well, Mon and I are back to normal now...BROKE...but we are both very happy. I just couldn't get myself to sell the little 400 Steed, because it was such a good ride for us for a couple of years now, so I asked the guys in Chiang Rai to throw a new, black paint job on it and to rechrome a few things. We'll find out if Mon is big enough to ride it, or it can be a ride for my friends in Canada, when they come over to visit.

    Hope you are feeling better, Dave
  12. Hi Globalgypsy

    Good on yer, now your luvelly wife Mon will need her own bike, and have I got a deal for you..
    A pristine?? Phantom 150, pink or purple in colour (depends who you talk to...)
    About 40,000 kms only (was used on Koh Samui), all for only 30,000 baht with green book, and for 1 nites free accomadation at your fine establishment, you even get free delivery of bike

    Wadda think........

    see foto's on link below

    http://board.gt-rider.com/topic.asp?TOP ... Terms=kafe
  13. Must be very very pink to be that cheap with a book! [:)]


  14. Pikey, I was hoping you were out down the pub or somewhere else....... Its only pink for the ladies, Purple for us guys
  15. In the house mate, keeping an eye on you and your dodgy posts - so this is what you are like when Elle is away eh? [;)]

    Personally, the only thing I have that is purple is the fully inflated "pikey purple glistener" but you are never gonna see that unless in the highly unlikely event that we both turn into poofters! [:(]

    BTW, will miss you tomorrow when we are watching the MotoGP but give us a buzz when the ads are on and you can chat to the boys (if you can stump up for the call? [;)])

    Cheers mate,

  16. Hey Pikey, currently at the in laws, and Papa has free fone calls all day on his Mobile so will give you a ring. Have got the okay from papa to watch the MotoGP in its entirity, 125 and 250 as well.

    By the way we are watching it on UBC no adverts, this isn't ITV Grandstand... gee has it been that long since you watched the box over here.

    Getting a custom bike trailer made, up here, will take a week so will be hanging out up here till finished.

    If you go tumbling down the stairs again, send us a foto of the bruises...
  17. Thanks for the offer, but we painted my old 400 Steed Black and now Mon will ride it. She is very excited about it.
  18. Oh, forgot...don't tell Mon you have a pink bike for her, or she might poison your next meal LOL ;-)
    I already threathened to paint the Steed pink and she asked me if I would like to sleep outside.
  19. GlobalGypsy Elle and I hope to pay you a visit next month on my PURPLE Phantom, looking forward to more of that good "Tucker", will see if I can drag my mate Peter along as well for the ride
  20. We should be open until including April 18th. After that we are off to the beach and then later to Canada for the summer. Looking forward to seeing both of you again.


    Mon and Kurt

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