A 'piston run-in' loop

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  1. Well weather was marvellous today morning so decided to get the SRX some more kilometers on the new piston, didn't know where to go so first for a Brekkie at the Kafe and then just by coincidence remembered the 'Keetmut' run (Xmas) some years ago and decided to head to Mae Jo; not to Mae's Jo...........
    Pott-pott-potted along the 1001 in direction of Phrao, must say landscape is beautiful, all in green, I liked it.
    Just noticed some flooded flats, they must have had a hell of rain some 20 kms before Phrao as all ricefileds still flooded.....
    Stopped at a bridge for my hourly cigarette......water's still plenty.....
    After a short stop at the usual PTT in Phrao, continued on the 1150 and then turned into the 1346. Needed to take it a little slower than usual because of a) a new oversized piston and b) some potholes and lots of gravel on the roads, a leftover from heavy rains. Area around Ban Lom is still the same beautiful scenery as 2 or 3 years ago, can't remember.
    Continued on the nice 1346, saw several small snakes on the roads but was as always too quick to stop for a foto.
    Wind was quite strong today and on higher elevations also quite chilly.
    Short before hitting the 107 near Pang Ma Kham had to have again my smoke, so got even 2 fotos.........
    People working in the fields, everyone with a big smile as they actually don't have to sweat off their backs anymore......
    From then on straight to the X-Center for some munchies and then via Samoeng back home.
    All in all a very nice ride & day, never stressed the old Lady too much, so cruising between 90 and 110 but on some stretches hitting 150 for a short burst........ :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    Tomorrow hopefully the weather will be as nice again so I can hit the road once again, cheers, Franz
  2. Well Ron, you are spot on with this !! Today also traffic was not that heavy, on the 1346 not more than 3 pick-up's, tomorrow might go in Phayao direction......see you on Wednesday, cheers, Franz
  3. Nice one Franz

    keep on pot pot potting,,,,,lol

    See u soon (Dec)

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