A Bungy Jump: The Gt Rider's Son Jason Unkovich

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  1. Something I did not think possible. But it was my son Jason's birthday & he has been very happy working at the X-Centre the last few months, which has been a massive relief after the trauma of the last 12mths & his mother dying whilst he was in Italy with her.
    Anyway yesterday he said he was doing a bungy jump at work & I admit I was somewhat disbelieving, especially considering his disabilities. So at closing time today I rocked up to the X-Centre to see what I thought would be him backing down...

    but NOPE HE DID IT & I am an extremely proud father.








    a very big thanks also go to Ian & Long at the X-Centre for providing Jason with employment & helping both of us out of a difficult situation last year. :clap:
  2. Congratulations Jason; gutsy stuff! And a little bit of well deserved praise for Ian & Long who make a massive contribution to help so many in need.
    When do you jump Dfl?
  3. Congrats and many happy returns to Jason.
    Very well said Rod.
  4. Good stuff Jason and as Rod said, gutsy indeed. Whens dad taking the jump???
  5. Well done Jason! Showing dad how its done!

    Well said Rod. Kudos to Ian and Long.

    OK "dad" step up.
  6. He's more nerve than I have! Wouldn't even think of doing that with two good legs - well done.
  7. Thanks for the Compliments David. Jason has fitted in really well with the Guys here and contributes well to the X-Centre. He also does a Great Job of everything He is asked so He Earns and Deserves His Job, No need for any Favours there Mate! I must say He gets on Great with the Other Guys and has made some Great Friendships. I hear they were out till 3am last Night Celebrating, Good For Him! Trust Me it is No Easy feat doing a Bungy Jump for the First Time and requires digging deep for the Courage! Happy Birthday Jason!
  8. Jason,
    Hope you dont mind my parking these on your post.........you may just have started a craze!
    My daughter Moana's jump:







    Tell your father he & I are doing a double!
  9. Good on ya Jason, the next thing you will be doing is chasing your old man around the Mae Hong Song Loop.

  10. As one who has known Jason since he was all of about two years of age, Jason, you got bigger "kallam" than me.

    And let me add my own click of the heels and tip of the hat to Ian for giving Jason employment opportunity.
  11. A nice and heartwarming thread...
    DavidFl beaming with pride; his son back in CM and strutting his stuff and Ian doing what he normally does...helping others.

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