A Cardom Ride With An Extension to Chi Phat

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  1. davesurfing

    davesurfing New Member

    A wild few days in the jungle in the Cardamom Mountains. The trail through to Chi Phat from the area of the new dam is also quite a good trail.

    Here we are staged for takeoff from Philippe's villa in Kampot.

    City Of Ghosts: a couple of friends and I rode up to the old casino during Chinese New Year celebration. Soon there will be a new casino next to the ghostly presence of an era gone by.

    Alain our film maker signals rolling cameras boys.

    Alain in focus.

    Alain attacking Paul with a machette. Later he tried to attack me in my tent and wrongly accused me of snoring. The shooting started when he awoke me from a deep sleep. French and Belgian people just have no sense of humor about snoring!

    The yellow suited monsters have arrived from Japan.

    Dave of the jungle.

    Philippe trying to keep from falling over in his new body armor.

    Our guest house with crocodile on the menu.

    A monk blessing our motorbikes. Unfortunately, the blessing did not work and I got my third flat tire that same day. Philippe says I just drive too damn fast and my tires heat up and explode. Here we see Philippe praying he can tolerate me one more day!

    Dave looking for the guest house.

    Looks to me like it is about beer time. I am thinking those bottles of petrol are looking like a cold Anchor.

    Dave trying to push Paul off of the one log bridge.

    Paul our official fire starter. Later his tent went up in flames.

    Our camp in the jungle.

    Denis, Paul and Alain await release from the police station.

    Dave on the bridge to the Apocalypse.

    Paul gives his bike a bath.

    Denis throws a little water for a full bike baptism.

    Alain filming the dewatering of Paul's bike. We finally had to compression start that one thanks to a tow rope and Denis' XL 650.

    For You Darling is starting to look pretty good after several days in the jungle.

    Philippe and Denis trying to keep from falling off the ferry.

    Dave not waiting for the landing ramp.

    An entire forest went into the making of this bed.

    Dave and Paul enjoying beer time.

    Dave and Paul work on the final insulting flat tire on the way back home to Kampot.
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  3. BignTall

    BignTall Ol'Timer

    Great report.

    I remember the dirt road to the casino being great fun and spending the night up there quite cool in the evening. Has it lost its charm and become paved now?

    More pics and details of your trip, pretty please.
  4. jafrawill

    jafrawill New Member

    Hey Dave,Philippe, good pictures ,I wish I could be there riding with you again!
    Someday maybe?
  5. davesurfing

    davesurfing New Member

    Hi James,

    I just looked at the DVD you sent me a few years ago. Very good to hear from you.

    We had a great couple of rides this year. We now call ourselves the Senior Riders Group but we end up on these very challenging roads

    In January/February of 2012 we will go to southern Laos again. Actually, since we have seen you we have made one other ride into Laos to the north of Laos. You know Plain of Jars and on up to the Pathet Lao caves in the far northeast of Laos. It was a great ride. You are welcome to join us in 2012. We will ride some provinces and roads we have not really covered to well. There will be some areas revisited of course but Laos is beautiful so a revisit is well worth it.

    Hope all is good down there in Florida. I know Philippe has wondered what has happened with you guys. I don't think he has heard from Hendi in a few years now.

    Stay in touch. I think you have my email. If not it is in my profile here on GT Rider. Cheers, Dave
  6. Philippe

    Philippe Ol'Timer

    Hi Jame,
    Nice to hear from you. Five y. already since our rally in Laos.
    As u see we are doing well during our "senior" motor rally!!

    I lost u e mail add. Any news from Hendi. I lost all contact!

  7. jerome

    jerome Active Member

    Hi senior rider group!!!
    Good to see you re always on the road! and having a good time!
    like your pictures,especialy philippe dress up like a gladiator!!(or a CRS!)
    before you plan your trip next year,don t forget to contact me! I will put back my armor on!
    good ride!

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