A Cool Detour Just South Of Loei.

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    A cool detour just south of Loei.

    If you are riding south out of Loei towards hwy 12, I would recommend this great detour that takes in hwy 2016 and hwy 2216.


    20 kilometres south out of Loei you come to the hwy 2016 turn off. Look out for the sign with the startled burglar. Whether or not this mask intruder is a real burglar, or a paid actor is not really important. The important thing is to turn right here.
    Loei Thailand (1).JPG

    The first few kilometres the road is very busy with many towns and traffic, but once you’re through that the ride becomes quiet and very scenic.
    Loei Thailand (2).JPG

    Loei Thailand (3).JPG

    Loei Thailand (4).JPG

    In the background you can see the mountain range which you follow for most of the way. My little camera doesn’t show just how big the range is.
    Loei Thailand (5).JPG

    Loei Thailand (6).JPG

    Loei Thailand (7).JPG

    Loei Thailand (8).JPG

    Loei Thailand (9).JPG

    I arrived at the lookout which was a nice spot for a drink.
    Loei Thailand (11).JPG

    This couple had a food stall selling fried banana which was very tasty.
    Loei Thailand (12).JPG

    Loei Thailand (13).JPG

    If you look to the right of the photo there is a white spot on the mountain, this is a big waterfall. I asked the lady cooking the fried banana if I could ride to the waterfall, she laughed and said, it was a two kilometre walk. I said, maybe some other day.
    Loei Thailand (10).JPG

    Loei Thailand (14).JPG

    Loei Thailand (15).JPG

    Beautiful through here. The road is amazing.
    Loei Thailand (16).JPG

    Loei Thailand (17).JPG

    Loei Thailand (18).JPG

    Loei Thailand (19).JPG

    Loei Thailand (20).JPG
    This is hwy 2216, you turn left on to this road to get to hwy 12. So good.
    Loei Thailand (21).JPG
    Loei Thailand (22).JPG

    Nice little detour if you’re out that way.

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  3. Goran Phuket

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    You know Rex, I was just a bout to post question regarding interesting places and routes in Loei because planning to go there soon. The info you posted is just perfect. Any other Loei tips, from you or other members I am all ears.
  4. Matte

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    Thank You
  5. Grubman

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    Hi Guys

    I took almost the same route just 3 day ago and the roads were fantastic, had a little rain during my ride. there is not a lot of traffic on these roads and an enjoyable ride.
  6. Oddvar

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    It is really nice up there at all times of the year.
    If i am coming from Isaan and going to/from Nan or Den Sai or Nakon Thai I use this road 2216
    Screenshot 2017-10-24_15-37-28.
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  7. ianyonok

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    Yes, lovely area. Phu Luang NP is to the north of the 2016. I rode down into the park one time, from the north, road 203. A large park that has 300 wild elephants, so no camping is allowed, but you can stay in the NP bungalows.
    Phu Hor to the south of the 2016 is an astonishing mountain. It's the one with the box shape rock on the top. It's a bit like a miniature "tepui" from Amazonia. I don;t believe there is any way to hike up to the top though.

    I recently rode from Chiang Khan along the border road 2195, to Na Haeo, recently re-tarmac'd and very quiet. The road more or less follows the Hueng river. Na haeo is a great place too, with 2 spectacular ancient temples. See; Dream Roads, Scenery, Olde Temples & Special Bikes
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  8. Goran Phuket

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    Yes Ian, I read that report, looks fantastic. Will drop by for sure.
    Thank you.
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