A day at Chonburi's Annual Buffalo Races

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  1. Ah, another Monday...what to do??? Of course, ride up to Chonburi and watch the Annual Buffalo Races!! They are staged in an enormous area...large pens for the animals; many snack stands and other sellers; the track itself and the thousands of onlookers; and various entertainment venues...pole climbing, Muai Thai boxing, etc. Oh, and one has to be careful and watch where you step. Lotsa buffalo landmines!

    There were three large holding pens for the buffalos. Owners doused the animals with water to cool them off. There must have been about 2000 water buffalos!! bullpen1.

    Prizes to the winning animals, riders and owners, in the various classes.

    This banner was in front of a prized winning buffalo...and this this is my interpretation of the banner. Uh, guess who can't read Thai...

    The race course is lined, on both sides, with grandstands the full length of the course and many thousands of cheering fans!

    There is a small holding pen, behind the FINISH line for the next animals scheduled to race. The animals for the next race are walked [often reluctantly] the length of the course to the starting line. In front of the pen there are many people standing to view the finish of the race. There are standing only about 30-meters after the FINISH line. Keep this in mind...

    Arriving at the START line, the riders mount the animals. The handlers struggle to keep the buffalos under control and get them into the starting gates.

    It's no easy task for the riders. Many of the animals aren't happy being ridden! And, the riders must have immense balls....uh..courage to ride these beasts!

    Once they can get the animals somewhat in the starting gates, the starter drops the flag.

    And...THERE OFF! And, of course, I choose to bet on the slowest one!

    And the winner is...! As they cross the finish line and the riders and handlers try to stop the animals _before_ the onlookers standing shortly after the finish line! The animals just wants to get back to the pens behind the onlookers. It can get scary at the finish line when the rider falls off and the buffalo is still charging.

    When the races are over, the buffalos are loaded back into whatever vehicle the owner has to take them back home. If you ever happen to be in a overly 'fragrant' songtheaw, you'll now know that the owner also races buffalos!

  2. Hi Jay

    nice post,,,but how many horse powers one buffalo has?
  3. Nice report. I don't remember anyone posting about that event before. Thanks. :)
  4. Jay, nice report that one, something different from what Chonburi stands for although this takes place already for a long time. Where in Chon did this event happen; location ? I think you still prefer the Djebel after watching this event.....AREN'T YOU ??????? :oops: :wink:
  5. Yes good one Jay. A report with a difference. Well done & thanks.
  6. Great report, very nice picture of the buffalo rider.

    Thanks Bard
  7. nice report and good race :D

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