A Degenerate Loop


Dec 9, 2008
This partly offroad loop should perhaps be called a deteriorating loop. But it depends...
If you are a road rider going north to south, it does deteriorate. But if you want offroad, it deteriorates going south to north...

It is situated to the east of the 1120, between Chiang Muan and Song, in the north of Phrae province.
The Thinknet map shows that the road ends at Bahn Huai Pong.
2021-05-18 11.20.35.jpg

The turn off the main road looks innocent enough..
2021-05-18 11.21.24.jpg

There is also a nice new tarmac road surface..
2021-05-18 11.34.23.jpg

So, the total length of the loop is about 35klms.
2021-05-18 11.26.58.jpg

The road undulates wonderfully, up hills and down dales.
2021-05-18 11.22.59.jpg
2021-05-18 11.25.00.jpg

Looking towards the mountain ridge we have to cross later.
2021-05-18 11.28.45.jpg

Great riding, zero traffic.
2021-05-18 11.36.42.jpg

About 2/3 of the way round, the tarmac changes to a narrower concrete road.
2021-05-18 11.52.51.jpg 2021-05-18 11.44.17.jpg 2021-05-18 11.46.45.jpg 2021-05-18 11.44.21.jpg 2021-05-18 11.39.39.jpg 2021-05-18 11.41.38.jpg
2021-05-18 11.55.31.jpg
2021-05-18 11.57.56.jpg
2021-05-18 12.01.44.jpg
2021-05-18 12.06.07.jpg

Then about 3/4 of the way round the concrete turns to a dirt road..
2021-05-18 12.07.30.jpg
2021-05-18 12.08.41.jpg
2021-05-18 12.11.53.jpg
2021-05-18 12.15.48.jpg

Then it is farming only. You can see ahead the ridge you have to cross.
2021-05-18 12.20.21.jpg
2021-05-18 12.23.15.jpg

Looks pretty easy really...
2021-05-18 12.23.11.jpg

But it gets steeper. This is looking back down.
2021-05-18 12.26.27.jpg

2021-05-18 12.26.31.jpg

Into the good stuff...
2021-05-18 12.26.57.jpg

But there is more yet..
2021-05-18 12.28.00.jpg

Another ridge ahead to cross.
2021-05-18 12.29.10.jpg

At this point the gps shows you are only about 4 klm from getting back on to the main road, 1120.
2021-05-18 12.29.16.jpg

Great fun here...
2021-05-18 12.30.38.jpg

The first time I found this loop I was on a road bike and had to stop at about this point. So near yet so far...
2021-05-18 12.32.03.jpg
2021-05-18 12.33.07.jpg

Some very steep sections here.
2021-05-18 12.35.15.jpg
2021-05-18 12.36.33.jpg
2021-05-18 12.38.37.jpg

Then finally you come up on to the top of the last ridge and are rewarded with a super view looking down into the valley and the 1120.
2021-05-18 12.41.34.jpg
2021-05-18 12.44.19.jpg
2021-05-18 12.44.33.jpg
2021-05-18 12.47.10.jpg

Have to be careful on the descent, loose surface and large rocks.
2021-05-18 12.48.45.jpg

Down into the valley.
2021-05-18 12.52.49.jpg

A bunch of kids were cooling off in the river.
2021-05-18 12.56.07.jpg
2021-05-18 12.57.10.jpg

Out through the village...
2021-05-18 13.00.30.jpg

..and back onto the 1120.... at Bahn Pa Lao.
2021-05-18 13.03.35.jpg

A wonderful degenerate loop.


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Many thanks for that. You saved me from "trouble" and answered my question perfectly.

Another trip out along R4020 beckons, because now that I'm back at home it looks like there maybe a loop for R4020 that links back onto R1120 south of Sa Iab....

Enjoy the ride & take your time, you don't always have to ride on through, there is still a lot out there to see and experience.