A dream, a sonic and an xr to tung ting and back

Jun 21, 2006
myself, marcus and orlando headed off from the mae rim road on the tard mok waterfall road, all asphalt until about a 10km stretch of dirt before mae khi. from mae khi we headed to tung ting, again not as much dirt as we had hoped/expected , maybe we just didnt look in the right place. very scenic around the tung ting area and south towards samoeng through nga meang kun??
then back through samoeng through to hang dong, with a little detour of about 8km, great views and a nice alternate stretch of road if youve been ridign the samoeng loop a lot. from samoeng to hang dong the turn off is at the top of the section of steep haipins that you will be climbing up, it turns right. all in all about 140kms ridden with only about 25kms dirt. there seem to be a number of forks all over the place, bring a map and your best thai to find the way although im sure all the roads turning left all end up on the mae rim- samoeng road.