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  1. In the end, if the price of their bikes does not go down in Thailand.......it is really a no-news item to us Thailand end users.
  2. http://www.motoblog.it/post/27441/ducati-delocalizza-in-thailandia-i-sindacati-chiedono-garanzie

    For those who don't read Italiano

    A translation ............

    Ducati Motor Holding will open a new factory in Thailand, in order to relocate the final stage of production of resources devoted to the Asian market, in order to circumvent the duties.

    The unions have called for guarantees on future plans of the company, with the fear of a loss of production in Bologna, for Asia.

    Giancarlo Muzzarelli, Regional Minister for Productive Activities, Trade unions and Workers, became involved and reassured -

    "Ducati will not reduce its activity in the main plant, as confirmed also by Gabriele Del Torchio, who spoke at yesterday's meeting at the offices of Viale Aldo Moro"

    Concluding that the commissioner "has confirmed the commitment to go ahead with the new plant in the face of market changes, we addressed the situation with realism and concreteness. "

    So the unions have taken the ball and demand guarantees, with a clear, precise and explicit agreement that will contain all stages of the production cycle in Bologna.

    The decisive meeting will take place in January, when meeting with employees to explain word for word the Thai project.

    Muzzerelli reassures: "Bologna will do what it does today"

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  3. Ducati factory in Thailand is a fact, friend of mine will work there, plant will be at AMATA CITY Industrial Estate, next week I'm nearby and will try to get him for some munchies and of course some update; not via phone, that's like reporters, info I got from my brakepad friend........cheers, Franz
  4. Great news Franz, thanks for posting, and try to find out more. How come you didn't sign up for the MD job? I'd buy a bike from you... :p

    Actually, joking aside, could you find out whether they're going to sell direct in Thailand like Kawasaki, or re-imported, like Triumph?

    i need a white 848 please.
  5. Hi Nick, if I would have known..........55555, no I'm happy with what I'm doing right now and staying several more years in Bowin would have made me either an alcoholic or sent me to a mental institution.........Hope to catch up with my friend next week and then I'll post more, not rumours of course......also I would be very much interested but not in the 848 but in the Hypermotards or the new Diavel.......cheers, Franz
  6. Liebe Franz,

    Please put me down for a Multistrada, local price with baby carrier and GT Rider discount of course.

    Thank you so much! :mrgreen:

    Happy Trails!

  7. Thanks for the tip,thats great news,hopefully the bikes will be sold direct in Thailand so the price of the bikes will be reasonable and spares the same..
  8. FWIW, the scuttlebutt emanating from the Central World bike show where Ducati sold 27 units - mainly entry model Monster & Hypermotards - is that these entry level models will be available to the Thai market at around 400K by the end of the year.

    My view, fwiw, is that they may keep the prices to what they are now, slowing down the sales volume and keeping servicing issues to something manageable. Also, a lower price will effect the Ducati "brand value" and p/o new owners.
    And as for the Xmas timeline, most promises are hopelessly optimistic by a year or so.

    I hope I'm wrong, as if it's true it will shake up the industry and it will only be good news for bikers & biking in LoS in the long term.
  9. My sources In Italy say that Ducati will avoid the issues that Triumph have with BOI and Customs and try to have a similar deal to Kawasaki , They main issue will be engines and component supply , also that some Japanese and Italian and other European component suppliers are looking at creating a hub here to facilitate production lets hope they do ,I have heard rumours that Triumph have been trying to negotiate with BOI and Customs as they may lose market share soon when Kawasaki start selling the W800 which will most likely undercut the Bonneville by at least 100,000 baht . Triumph should have an engine assembly plant running here next year which will reduce the local duty on their bikes so they also should get cheaper ...

    However the problem then will be Dealers and distribution in Thailand and that in itself is another potential bottleneck as The Thai dealers would rather sell 50 bikes at massive big profit margin than 1000 bikes at a much smaller margin and having to invest in serious service and spares backup like the Dealers in Europe and USA have to. serious Triumph dealers in UK have invest huge amounts to get the franchise
  10. Yessss

  11. Did notice this week that they have doubled the size of their Service Department in Bangkok.
  12. Business 101 - It is far more profitable and much easier to sell 50 at high margin than 1000 at low margin

    That seems the business plan of Triumph Thailand and/or its Dealer as I do not believe the explanation that bikes are so expensive as they must be exported then re-imported. K. Dom (The Dealer main man) once told me that he wanted to position Triumph as a prestige brand and had no interest in the mass market.

    I can only presume that since the Triumph and Ducati dealers are the same group, that the same business paradigm will prevail. Don't hold your breath for a fairly priced Ducati

    Being ripped off is the main reason that I just bought a Kawi
  13. Guys just give it some time......2 days ago talked to my friend but he's not here till end of March, once he's back I will get more ACCURATE information where we then can rely on and not the "I've heard" ones. Cheers, Franz
  14. But the W800 is made in Japan, not Thailand so it'll be a relatively expensive import like the Vulcan, not cheap as chips like the locally manufactured models...
  15. YES Tony the they are both made in Japan The Vulcan 900 is at least 100,000 Baht cheaper depending on which dealer you go to ... than the Bonneville 900 with the same engine displacment., The W800 will be cheaper than the Vulcan by 30-40k , The Bonneville is made here so its local but much more expensive , is it Triumphs dealers that are the problem or their deal with BOI and customs ,,, what ever it is Ducati hopefully wont make the same error , also Triumph have a history of ruthles culling of dealers worldwide when they dont sell enough bikes and dont follow factory policy or protocol .
  16. And in the meantime we'll speculate as much as we want if that's okay with you.
    This being a forum and all.
  17. Well as promised, a foto of the factory in Amata City I.E. (isn't that perfect a shot as taken with my mobile):
    Had a nice lunch with my friend, said he is more than happy to work for Ducati but right now very busy with the construction project.
    I won't post much detailed information as this will not be to the companies liking, but one thing I can inform you that they will at first assemble a streetbike only for the Asian markets with ...cc displacement and after several years there will be a range of bikes coming out of this facility.
    More to come whenever my friend feels he can give additional information. Cheers, Franz
  18. Looks like good times ahead in Thailand. Kawasaki moving more and more bikes here; Ducati coming. Maybe Triumph can get their act together too at some point, smell the roses, get a clue, etc... no need to speculate as to why they're still re-importing the bike and not selling it import-tax-free - I don't care, just get it done, Triumph!

    Franz restrain yourself with the info, we don't want your friend to lose his job right away - I am surprised he told you as much as he did.
  19. Great! This is probably what they will be making!!

  20. Hi Friends,

    Coming back on the forum, I am happy to see this great news, hope it will be of advantage for us in LOS -us the Ducati's afficionados- and we'll be able to find it on the local market.

    On top, if this picture is relevant, it shows that big scooters are more and more à la mode, just look the next C from BMW...it will give some more choice than the T-max, Burgman and other Honda.

    I rather go for one in Thailand....

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