A Factory visit at Tiger (Sachs) Motors , Thailand

Discussion in 'Tiger / Sachs Motorcycles in Thailand' started by mbox999, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Hi there,

    I was having a talk with Khun Pariya( From Tiger Motors) in order to make a Factory visit at Tiger Motors ( & Sachs ) in Samut Prakarn . The Visit would be guided by Khun Pariya and testdrives ( also on the x-road 250) could be made too .
    Who would be interested to join this visit?
    I have no date as yet just trying to figure out how many would come.

    Thanks and happy trails,

  2. Hi there Mbox999

    Depending on the date, I'd be interested in joining a tour of the factory.

    Cheers Moto-Rex
  3. Also genuinely interested, but would need to know some rough dates / week in advance.
    The next 3 weeks are out, plus the 2nd half of March.
  4. Dear Mbox

    I would be interested as well. Please give enough advanced notice
  5. Congrats on taking the initiative and asking.
    Sounds interesting and would like to come along if dates work.
    Their 250 Sachs is triumph in styling.
  6. Reinhard, if it's on a Saturday and not too early morning I will be in too. Txs, Franz
  7. Hi there,

    Thanks for the replies and looking at the current replies . How does the 6th or 13th March fit? I still need to confirm with Khun Pariya over this date but both are saturday's and it is within the first 2 weeks in March so David can also join.
    Franz , what time is too early? I was thinking about 10 am ? Let me know so we can work something out.

    Anyone knows if those above dates conflict with any Biker events (ie bikeweeks)?

    happy trails,

  8. I'm interested! Especially in a test ride of the X-Road 250! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    Ride On!
  9. Reinhard, Saturdays 6th or 13th of March are perfect, could be there at 10:00, transferring on the first flight at 07:10 from CNX......... :lol: . Later on visit some friends who call themsleves less sane than others, including myself....... :wink: , yep Tony ?? :mrgreen: .....cheers, Franz
  10. The 13th does not work for me. The 6th is possible, or the very end of March. But don't revolve around me at all, as soon as you get a nice group of guys together. Do it!
  11. Hi David,

    The way i see it is ,that we will rather do it on the 6th March...moving later on dates is getting too close to the Motor Show where i believe Tiger will show their bikes too. Besides 6th March suits me fine...i just need khun Pariya to confirm this than we set at this date. Can the other interested please confirm if this date is fine?

    Thank you

  12. 6th of March fine by me !! Confirmed, Franz
  13. 6th works for me! (Can I bring my son?)
  14. If i am not working by then 6th march is good for me

  15. Hi there,
    Just got this news.
    6th & 13 March will be impossible for the Tiger Factory visit as per Khun Pariya . They (tiger Motors) will be closed for Grandmothers Cremation .
    There are choices between either now in February ( thats rather difficult for me )or possibly the end of March ( which where Tiger may also be on the Motorshow).
    Any suggestions?

    happy trails,

  16. Still sticking to March if possible; 20 or 27th; both Saturdays; 10:00 would be fine. Rgds, FR
  17. I'm very impatient...

  18. Franz , it is likely the 27th March 2010.Hope it is fine for all the others? Hope Davidfl can make it too then?
    happy trails,

  19. Dear mbox,

    Please let us know when date is confirmed.

    Happy Trails!

  20. Ok, 27th March at 10 AM it's confirmed now from Khun Pariya.
    Please advise who's coming ?
    Happy trails,

  21. I'm in !! Rgds, FR
  22. Great! I'm in as well! Cheers, Tony
  23. Tony,

    i think it is ok to bring your son....so you're testing the x-road 250 and your son will be"testing" the kikass 125? 8)

    happy trails,

  24. Tony's son testing the 'kickass' ???? :? :? No, he would probably not be able to reach even the handlebars while seated on the bike. :lol: :D :wink: I think much more that Tony will molest all of the test bikes provided with wheelies, stoppies and all of that stuff. :wink:
    He does it regularily on his Ninja650R....... 8) . Cheers, Franz

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