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  1. Those that have ridden in Phnom Penh and other towns here all know the cops just LOVE to stop thr foriegners on bikes and extract money out of them, for whatever reason they can invent on the spot. To make matters worse, some clever c%*t at on or another NGO has gone and given them hand held radar units. Bonza! Another money earner for the boys in blue. Of course, the speed gun seems to only work when aimed at poor Khmere and foriegners, but not when aimed at the plethora of Lexus drivers without reggos, vip and army vehicles.

    Here are some tips to avoid the hassle of negotiating your "fine", having your bike confiscated so you can buy it back from the police, and other cute ideas that they may have in store for you.

    When approaching a stoplight, where the police like to hang out at, stop well back from the light, do not roll up to the front with the other motos and scooters. Instead, sit behind or next to a Lexus, Merc or small lorry.

    When the light goes green (the locals will start moving on the last 5 red seconds) move forward with the vehicle you are using as a shield, and proceed thru the light, if possible, move left, away from the boys in blue and speed up. This gives them less time to jump in front of you.

    The maximum on the spot fine here is officially 12,000 riels or 3 dollars.

    Not the 10,20, 50 dollars they will try to get from you.

    Do not ride with your headlamp on in the daytime, fine guaranteed. However, there is NO law requiring you to use your headlamp at night.....go figure.

    When youy see them with their radar, same tactic, ride alongside a vehicle and use them as a shield. Speed limit sinage is limited here so if they stop you, for sure you are going too fast........

    Risky, but effective, if you are approaching an intersection alone, and it looks like they are going to stop you, get the front end up and gas it. They get spooked and move out of the way.

    If passing thru a green light, and you see them pulling people over, get left, into oncoming traffic if required, and go around them.

    Lately, there have been a lot of police, in green uniform, two on a scooter with an AK-47, stopping people willy nilly as they please. If you see them in front of you, try not to overtake them, turn off and away if you can,

    The hassle is less in the countryside, but places like Sihanoukville, Siem Reap and so forth, you need to be on the lookout for the boys at all times.

  2. For me this would be impossble as on my bike they are automatically on at start and Can't be turned off at any times...

    But im not going to cambo any how,, but tricky rule to avoid fines..
  3. One of the first modifications we make on bikes here is the addtiton of an in line toggle switch on the headlamp power wire. This allows you to turn your headlamp off.

    Secondly, have your(spare) bike key filed a bit, so you can remove the key and put it in your pocket after starting the bike, one of the cop tricks is to grab your key, and let you buy it back from him.

    Another mod, more towards anti theft, is reversing your run/stop connection (yes, simple, but effective cos the locals arent the brightest lights on the x-mas tree), and hiding a "kill" switch somewhere out of the way.

    Disc locks are a definite plus, and if you chain your bike, try to chain it to somethig permanent.

    I know a fella that chained uo tp a roadsign, not noticing that the sign could be easily pulled up and out of the ground. As he was on a hired bike, he ended up paying the owner the value of the bike to get his passport back, not to mention buying the bike for the thieves in the process.
  4. Actullay I havent been stopped or even had them try to stop me in ages.

    i have all the required mirrors and helmet and I find that riding confidently and stopping right next to them at the lights is no problem.
  5. I have found it to be the same for me as well, but in recent weeks, they seem to have stepped up the controls, especially now that the new seat belt law is in effect. Most recently. I was stopped, they surrounded me, could not find anything wrong, still wanted a few dollars, I just waited them out, offered to ride to the cop shop with them and then I could go. My advice was for those that are not yet fully aware of common police practice here.

    End of the day, better to play it safe and cool, and do your best to avoid them.

    The other week, a mate of mine had his bike lifted cos he got stroppy with the cops, cost him 50usd and half a day to get his bike back, he should have played it cooler.....
  6. Snooky cops are very vigilant atm
    I've been here 8 years, had correct licence/rego/road tax for last 3 years (ie since they started enforcing it)
    I still get stopped every now and then. It's usually a new cop that doesn't recognize me.
    A few new cops lately to handle the extra work load of manning the new traffic lights.
    Fair to say the cops are enjoying the new revenue provided by the recently installed traffic lights and stricter enforcement of rego/mirrors/helmet.
    Foreigners are also asked for a Cambo drivers licence, (Khmer motorcyclists don't need one yet).
  7. nice tips of all, muddymick

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