A hidden waterfall

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  1. I was just walking up to the Huai Klang Pla waterfall west of Mae Chan when these ladies were coming down. I didn't manage to find out what they were celebrating unfortunately.



    The waterfall is pretty but not impressive.


    A shortcut from the 1089 across to Doi Mae Salong.








    Up at Thoed Thai and just a few klms past Khun Sa's old camp, I came upon this little turn off. Looks special, better have a looksee.




    Clearly a place for the spirits.... and soon realised why. You can tell an impressive waterfall when you can hear it with helmet on and engine running.



    To the side of the path was a steep slope. After scrambling down a few metres holding onto bamboo....... Wow...... a 30m drop straight down into a gorge.


    This beautiful waterfall must be 12-15m high. I'm hanging on a tree right on the edge but couldn't get a proper shot due to the thick foliage.


    Further up a bit.


    I could see the river went through a 1.5m wide gap in the rocks surrounding the fall and shallow pool below. Impossible to get a proper unobscured view as the jungle was thick, but you can just make out the rock doorway.


    I went downstream a bit to try and come at it from below but tough going with fallen bamboo and a second tier fall before the rock doorway.
    I'll be back here again with a change of clothes to try and get some proper photos. If anyone wants an adventure to get into this gorge... drop me line...
    I think you can access the bottom of this gorge by crossing the river ahead of the fall and climbing round the other side.

    What a magical place. No-one around, no signs, not on any maps and probably only known by the locals.

    Then, dripping with sweat, it was time to continue, on a shortcut up to Mae Moh up at the border and the end of the 4032. Lots of landslides visible along the way.



    I started the shortcut from Phaya Phrai to Mae Kham Noi and the road to Hua Mae Kham, but discretion became the better part of valour and the path through the forest had not dried up, so just too difficult through the sticky mud.
    Headed back over the smaller roads to Doi Chang Moob and the fabulous ridge road to Mae Sai. The late afternoon colours were tremendous (my photos could be much better).





    .........and didn't get rained on for a change.....
  2. Ian, beautiful ride & fotos, there's nothing wrong with them ! I love the lush green you now find everywhere, that's food for the sould being out on such tracks ! Keep 'em coming, cheers, Franz
  3. Thank you Franz. I'll try upping the resolution a bit though.
  4. I agree Franz. There are some great 'sitting on top of the world' shots there Ian.
  5. Wonderful.... thank you. :thumbup: I am missing it all doubly as I arrived in Cairo for another 4 week shift yesterday!

    I guess there's nothing for it...... I'm gonna have to get something with knobbly lumps on the tyres to go do a bit of this exploring lark! Maybe I'll fit a rack on the back o' the Ultra for an AX1 :lol:

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