A new discovery I made today.

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  1. This morning, I went out on my little Yamaha Nouvo to the shops at the 1269 / Canal road intersection with no crash helmet and just a baseball cap on. I want to share this vital peice of information with all my friends here. The ultimate speed I discovered for riding a motorcycle in no wind conditions, wearing a baseball cap comfortably, ie not too tight is 35.7 KPH before it flies off, and this is with the peak facing forward.

    Not a lot of people know this fact!


  2. You could raise that figure easily to way over 64.3 kph by wearing the cap backwards, depending on the material of the cap and what shampoo you use.
  3. If your over 30 years old don't be tempted by 64.3 kph! Only plonkers & midlife crisis victims wear their caps backwards.:lol-sign:
  4. super glue and it will stay on at MACH 3
  5. Some years ago on a particularly windy day in east London I saw a rather dapper old chap who had fashioned a piece of string with a clothes peg on each end, 1 peg attached to the brim of his trilby hat and the other to the lapel of his suit jacket. Could be worth a try as it appeared to be working a treat.

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