A new small adventure rider arrives in Chiang Mai !!

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by rhiekel, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. rhiekel

    rhiekel Ol'Timer

    I wish to let all my friends know that I had a daughter born to me last week. A very happy occasion for me, and one myself and all the people I know thought would never happen !! Guess I will have to will my Africa Twin to her, because by the time she is 18 and ready to ride, I will be 74, and most likely in a wheel chair...... :)

    Here she is in the favorite " hands up " sleeping position.

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  3. mikehohman

    mikehohman Ol'Timer

    Congratulations my old friend, and welcome to the club. So happy to have you in it!!

    You baby girl is adorable!! Must take after the mother, huh?
  4. Rhodie

    Rhodie Ol'Timer

    Dig the boxing gloves....
    they go with the cute pugnacious hiekel look.
    A big congrats matey :clap: :clap: :clap:
    ... looking forward to the customised top-box on the AT!
  5. Azoulay

    Azoulay Ol'Timer

    Hi Robert,

    Congratulations for this nice little baby...She is lovely and pretty promising for the father.

    However your remarks about the future let me think that I also would be 75 when my latest son -Edward- will be 18, do you think we would only drive a wheel chair....

    Hummmmmmm, life goes so fast !

    Again congratulations and enjoy the pleasure of being awake few times a night !
  6. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Congratulations Robert !! Well she already has your looks 5555. Wheelchair, no, I don't think so, she might have to fight for the AT and hide the keys so that daddy doesn't sneak out on the motorcycle...... :mrgreen: , cheers, Franz
  7. daewoo

    daewoo Ol'Timer

    You mean the haircut??? Or because she is asleep...

    Congrats Robert... My youngest boy is only 19months... Should we start planning the wedding now, so that we make sure there is plenty of space for our wheelchairs at the front???

  8. nikster

    nikster Ol'Timer

    Happy news! Congrats!!! :) :) :)
  9. Fishenough

    Fishenough Ol'Timer

    Awesome, congratulations Robert! Lucky guy - you'll likely be hard of hearing by the time she's a teenager, now that's a blessing.

    What's her name?

    Best Regards,
  10. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Well Done Robert! Looks Healthy and Quiet, those are the Main things!!! All the Best, Lots of Us Old Dads around now as Parents wait till later in Life before having Children!
  11. rhiekel

    rhiekel Ol'Timer

    Thanks all. Hopefully she will not look too much like me when she grow up...... :) Maybe as a preventative measure I should head over to the temple and ask Buddha to make her look like Joy.
    The name is up to Joy, but I am mulling over the name of Jasmine.
    She will be a good motivation to start working out at the gym. When she grows up and the teen
    age guys come by to take her on a date, I want to see some fear in their eyes.... ( Man, Jasmine's
    dad is old but looks pretty tough, I had better watch my step !!! )
  12. Tom Forde

    Tom Forde Ol'Timer

    Congratulations Robert, if she takes after you she will be a star in the Thai basketball team!
    Moved up to CM last week, catch up with you for a drink.
  13. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Congratulations Robert & Joy. Good to see you joining the "fatherhood" clan of seniors on GT Rider.
  14. mbox999

    mbox999 Ol'Timer

    Congratulations Rob , that girl is looking adorable you're a lucky guy .
    all the best to all your Family and the "new joiner"
  15. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Heartfelt congratulations!!! :happy1:
  16. Not on a Yamaha

    Not on a Yamaha Ol'Timer

    May she have a wonderful, healthy & prosperous life.
  17. BignTall

    BignTall Ol'Timer

    A hearty congratulations to you RH!!

    The surprises just never end.

    I think she is just practising her innocent "Honest officers, I wasn't trying to sneak into Tibet" look that RH has made so famous.
  18. KZ

    KZ Ol'Timer

    ...a new small adventure rider arrives in Chiang Mai - - - I thought you meant the Varadero 125!!

    Congrats anyways!

    I remember my daughter graduating from a baby seat on the Wave to a pillion rider on a bigger bike. Soon she's gonna want her own...
  19. Craypot

    Craypot Ol'Timer


    Not quite a stealth baby! :D
  20. HIKO

    HIKO Ol'Timer

    Good luck to you.

    If you need more Africa Twins for your baby I still have three for sale....

  21. cdrw

    cdrw Ol'Timer

    Congratulations on your newest little motorcycle mama to be, and enjoy changing those diapers ;-)

    Is your baby just covering her ears when those loud Harley's are passing by...??
  22. hs0zfe

    hs0zfe Ol'Timer

    Congratulations! About time for another fair lady to join the gang. She will have a dozen eager blokes wanting to change the oil or fix her bike when she will be 18. And it's my prediction that you will make many a suitor quaver in his boots, looking up to the fearsome father...

    I saw a naked baby on a Wave on the weekend - how about you building something like a miniature Pope Mobile with bullet proof glass? just modify the top case!

    In case she cries, try a few drops of Mekhong Whiskey

    Best wishes always


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