A Nice Little Loop East Out Of Chiang Kham

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  1. If you take the 1345, east out of Chiang Kham, Phayao province, you are on a lovely loop through the Phusang NP, which curves round to the south and joins the 1148. I tried it a few days ago for the first time. Super stuff.
    2017-10-29 10.07.45.
    Lots of new tarmac. The road is on the GTR Golden Triangle loop map, going through Rom Yen and Pang Tham, then past a very impressive 1500m mountain. Virtually vertical sides to this mountain.
    2017-10-29 10.15.11.
    2017-10-29 10.17.27.

    Wonderful scenery and no traffic.
    2017-10-29 10.28.52.
    You come to a junction where I turned right towards the 1148 on the 4029.
    2017-10-29 10.30.59.

    But the road to the left, to Bahn Nong Ha looks very interesting. Will have to check that out some time later.
    2017-10-29 10.32.32.
    2017-10-29 10.32.38. 2017-10-29 10.37.11. 2017-10-29 10.40.14. 2017-10-29 10.47.43.
    2017-10-29 11.06.58.

    This route goes well with doing the 1148, as the northern end of that great road is a little boring where it runs into Chiang Kham.

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  2. Hi Ian - that really is a nice little back country road to enjoy. The conditions have clearly changed quite a bit since I was out there in 2010, see: Route 1345: Phu Sang National Park - Caves

    A weekend in Chiang Kham is a very pleasant option with both some nice places to stay, and some smaller roads to explore.
  3. Yes, Chiang Kham is a lovely town. A couple of special temples there; Wat Phra Nang Din and the lovely teak wood Wat Nataram. I stayed at Rico's Resort. Beautiful place and he's a very interesting host.
    The route I was on was all tarmac and no traffic..... lovely on the old Thunderbird.
  4. Well, not the cheapest place around...... 555
  5. Had two nights at Rico's Resort March 2016. He wasn't there at that time. Nice quiet place, friendly staff & best of all - no television!
  6. The view from up here must be sensatioanl

    i bet you could probably hike up there the back way Ian?
  7. Well, I certainly would love to check the view from there. Would need to go and have a chat with the local Phu Yai Bahn about getting up there....
    But there is a higher peak about 10 klms southwest of there that needs checking out, at the end of road 1345..... Phu Arnma,
  8. Back in Chiang Kham at Rico Resort, last week
    2017-10-30 17.46.16. 2017-10-30 17.46.00. 2017-10-30 17.19.11.
    It's a bit nice for bikers, but a good place to visit with the missus..

    But while I was there, I came across

    2017-10-30 17.12.36. 2017-10-30 17.07.16.
    A touring company based in Chiang Mai that has 20 of these Enfields. The American tour guide speaks perfect French and they cater to French touring groups only, working with an agent in France.
    2017-10-30 17.07.22.

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