A Pao Wao to Laos

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  1. A Pao Wao to Laos
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    It is amazing how long it took me to think up that sad title.

    It is 19th December today and I have decided to write this Laos trip as I go. I hate it when people do that "Today, I went to a temple.." style so I will keep it all past tense after this one.

    After a wicked term of work, I spent Friday night until Tuesday in bed with the flu and only managed to scrape out of Bangkok on Wed 18th. I have watched more movies in the last week than I care to mention. It feels good to be here in Loei on my way to Laos in a couple of days.

    As I lack the Australian Iron Arse gene, I have as usual put the humdrum eight hours of road out of the way by throwing the TDM on the back of my pick-up. It is off now and raring to head to Nong Khai tomorrow. A new supersoft back tyre is ready to be tested in the morning.

    Coooome On!

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    How's it going there, any news? Are you in or out of Lao PDR?

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    Well, more than a week after the first post it is time to expand on the first post. I wrote that in Loei on the Thursday. On the Friday, girlfriend on the back, I headed up to the Mekhong and along the Thai side. I had done this before and although the road is a bit bumpy in places, it is still a top ride.

    The man from the travel agent in Vientiene had told me that the papers I needed to get my unregisterd bike in would be ready for my arrival that afternoon. About 30 minutes before the friendship bridge disaster struck. He called back to say that his contact on the Laos side had gone to Southern Laos for a week and would not be back. No entry.

    I had planned this trip for ages and although knew that not getting my bike in was a risk, I was gutted. I went and tried anyway with my import papers for the bike. I knew it was a long shot and true to form it was a waste of time.

    Stuck with the prospect of heading in Laos without the bike (and renting one there) or continueing in Thailand, we headed to Nong Khai for the night. My girlfriend (who had flown from San Franscisco to be with me) and I had a humdinger of an argument and six months of a relationship came to a startling halt.

    No Laos, no girlfriend and no good mood, I decided to lead back to Loei, put my bike on my truck and head back to Bangkok to lick my wounds.

    Only now a week later do I have some perspective. I am heading to Cnx tomorrow morning with some mates for a week's rock climbing. I think the bike is going on the back for some fun. David or anyone else- are you free? I need some speed.

    Bye for now

    (a single again) Simon
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    Simon sent you an email a few days ago, but no reply. Pls give me a ring for a cold beer & whatever.


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