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  1. Sophian

    Sophian New Member

    A fellow biker we met along our ride journey who rides the same bike as my friend (fazer 1000cc year 2001). I promise to upload the pic when i return to Singapore. Met him at Mae Hong Son. (sorry sir, i can't remember your name)

    Anyway i had a good time travelling up north...

    here's the pic i promised. Sorry if the file is too big.


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  3. KenYam

    KenYam Ol'Timer

    Hi Sophian, I received a nice surprise when opening your picture. Glad to hear you and your friend made it back home safely. Last weekend was bike week in Chiang Mai a lot of big bikes and activities, good vibes everywhere would recommend this for any future trips to the north of Thailand. Did you catch up with David ? Whenever you return to the north contact me we can organise everything.

    Regards Ken Fabisik
    Stay Upright
  4. Sophian

    Sophian New Member


    I did not manage to locate 'the kafe' :lol: ... i think i lost my directions more than i expected it to be :( ... After all its my virgin trip up north... I will try to locate 'the kafe' the next time i go up north to meet David in person. I will inform you about my future up north trip here so that we can arrange for a coffee session when i am there... :D. Chaimg Mai is a nice place to stay.


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