A picture tells a 1000 words

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  1. this says it all

  2. Droooolling.......
    Awesome view. Don't know where but looks like the North-West of Vietnam.
  3. Pleeeeeeease, where is it ?
  4. This could be a fun game- throw up a pic and see who can guess where it is. :happy2:

  5. Nan - Route 1081?

    (And I didn't cheat at all :shifty: )
  6. certainly reminded me of the 1155 I did yesterday morning after the Fog lifted
  7. BINGO! :clap: :happy5:
  8. 282895=12669-IMG_5446.
    Thats my guess
  9. 1093 south to north?
  10. Top photo tis indeed the 1155, south to north. The mid section is the best, below Phu Chee Fah.
    Photo taken at about 19 deg 53.027'N 100 deg 23.737'E, elevation 632m.
    This is not a fast sports bike road like the 1148, which has more sweepy bends and hard shoulders.
    The 1155 is a slower road with tighter bends, no hard shoulders, but better surface than the 1093. I could ride it once a month for the next 5 years........ and may do as it's only an hour and a bit from home.
  11. 283100=12766-6893765875_807b5dd756_b. watch out for peepers!!!

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