a SHOCK= German shocker prices

Discussion in 'Technical' started by PICO-PICO, Aug 21, 2010.


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    Pico. I note that YSS dont do shocks for your bike but it might be worth asking if they have anything to fit. There are a fair few silverwings here now. There is also a big scooter shop in Bkk. you can find them on mocyc.com

    You can buy the YSS export big bike shocks via Link Associates in BKK. This is the Reps number 0818085775 His names Paul (Wanita). He is normally very busy so i normally text him and then he gets back to me in an hour or three.

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    An offer, Colin, that I can't refuse. Time is not of the essence.
    And , of course, I had to have a first look at the web site of my "supplier"

    I really think, looking at your statistics
    that you must tell us the secret of keeping certain essential skin/body parts smooth and tender.

    Can I order some of this miraculous medicine too :happy3:

    PS= Will transfer cash on first demand, of course

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    Thanks, interesting to see that Honda spares are so much more expensive in Germany.

    Will mail Hagon to make sure that the correct shocks are ordered.

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    seems to me, that Type M for Silverwing is the correct one.

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    I guess that we both were alerted by the same alert individual, most helpful indeed.
    I will try to get an answer however I have my doubts if such an answer is binding on the security guard on the ground.

    Did you ever mail something from the UK to Thailand? May be even then the shocks have to go by sea which would be no problem too. Mail order from Hagon directly and no burden for yourself, another option?
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    just a thought. But if you take them out of the box. How would the average joe know they were gas filled?

    especially if you wrapped them in clothing.

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    I would probably take the risk myself but I wouldn't want anyone to be harassed by a grinning customs officer on my behalf.

    A Silverwing mate checked and found Hagon in Hongkong and Japan too

    Any opinion from where shipment is easier? UK, Hongkong?

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    If they post them its going to come by plane. I think there would be an issue in hand luggage but hold luggage i just cant see it.
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    I had no problems brining back a Ohlin rear shock in checked in baggage from UK to Thailand . The actual amount of gas under pressure is miniscule and it is an inert gas ( Nitrogen) if you are worried about slightly bending the rules.

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    Collin, please do it in any way that fits you and tell me how to pay.

    Much obliged


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    Collin, ThaiAir person in BKK said, she didn't know that shocks got oil and gas, only springs.
    She would simply take them.

    Up to you, Sir. I can pay by credit card Hagon so you dont have to bother with that too and have the shocks shipped to you. Of course I will pay, e.g. duty , if applicable.

    Tell me by PM how to proceed, will provide email.

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    you could get the old ones rebuilt?

    I know a place in chiang mai that does that
    if you want to send me the shock details I can check if its possible

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    hmmmmmmmmmmmm,, no idea. I have got generally very little expenditures for my bike, that quality for normal usage is factor No1.

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    Much to my surprise there came an email from TG=
    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for e-mail of 25 August.
    Regarding to check baggage with 2 rear shochs for motorycle in
    your luggage. You have to discuss this with TG in london once again.
    Please be reminded this small amounts of oil might leak in your suicase
    and weigh shall be according to fare paid 20 Kgs in EY class if exceed
    the normal baggage will be charge at airport.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Orachon Tishyaputra
    E-Customer Service Group (BKKNY-S)
    Head Quarters Bangkok, THAILAND

    But it means that Collin has potential problems, I don't like that.


    Alrikki, I will have the shocks rebuilt by your man. Regarding specs I have no clue about that, we can wait until Joe ,JoesBiketeam , is back from Germany. What do you think?

    I want to thank Collin for his generous offer to carry the heavy load.

    PICO-PICO Ol'Timer

    Well, I hope the conclusion was not premature. Alrikki's guy says getting the seals may be a problem.
    I asked on the silverwing600.com forum and got this reply

    Front seals...pn from this dealer..... 17 SEAL SET, FR. FORK
    51490-MCT-003 002 $13.93 $11.49 (comes with new dust caps i same pack)

    http://www.powersportscompany.com/fiche ... detail.asp

    I would also replace bushings as well!

    The rears don't really appear to to be rebuildable!
    Anyone make aftermarket rears!? progressive?

    Never a dull moment with a motorbike
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    Have you inquired with YSS? They make rear shocks for the Honda Silverwing and are a local Thai company so prices might be reasonable.

    YSS website:

    Address and contact info:

    Y.S.S. (THAILAND) Company Limited.
    88/88 Moo.9 Soi. Phikulthong Theparak Rd., Bangpla , Bangphil , Samutparakarn 10540,
    Tel : 662-706-3700 , 662-763-8600
    Fax : 662-763-8899
    E-mail : [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    Ride On!


    PICO-PICO Ol'Timer

    I blush in shame which doesn't happen often because I didn't react to your first post. All the more grateful I am that you follow up nevertheless.
    I wrote an email to [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] a minute ago.

    You know what will make the shocks really expensive in the end? The many beers plus flavoring ingredients that I owe to the many people that tried to help. It's however an exhilarating debt!

    I O U Pico
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    Tony.. Do YSS make shocks for the Silverwing. Couldn't find them on the YSS website for the 600 silverwing scooter. I hope they do for Picos sake (update..it would seem they do as a guy in the US got some!).

    PICO. YSS have told me on a previous occasion that they do not sell direct. Thats why i gave you the Thailand export shock Reps number in post 2.
    I hope you get sorted.
  22. harrythefinn

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    YSS made up a rear shock for my VFR800 to my spring weight and measuments. I think it was custom built, need to contact them and ask what they can do for you. I had it made in Australia and delivered in Thailand, from YSS Thailand. Good service.
  23. TonyBKK

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    Sorry I really don't know anything about the Silverwing but when I looked it up on the YSS site it came up with these products:

    HONDA GL 500 Silverwing

    HONDA GL 650 Silverwing

    Don't know what year Pico's bike is but hopefully one of these will work for him.

    Ride On!


    PICO-PICO Ol'Timer

    I sms'ed Paul and he will check tomorrow and I will report.
    BTW my Silverwing is a 600 ,2005.
    Somehow with the help of all of you I will get my shocks plus BobS offered to bring something non-contraband from the US.
    The side effect of this search is I will be saving about 100 US on this

    http://www.nextag.com/North-Face-Cipher ... rices-html

    Oh happy day! Except I can't leave the house, surrounded by water, but so what, TIT as long as I cant sit on my porch with wireless lap top tying away in fresh air. TIT

  25. thaicbr

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    Pico. Cool. Hopefully Paul can sort you out. I found a reference to a Yss shock on a silverwing forum in the US so I'm pretty sure they do one. Why its not on the Yss website i have no idea.

    PICO-PICO Ol'Timer

    I thought some shocks would be a piece of cake,YSS for 500/650 Silverwing. Didn't know if they will fit or necessary modifications.
    Silverwing600.com forum member suggested to ask Wilbert as they got all specifications, http://www.motorcycle-suspension.com/sh ... index.html.

    I gave up on the idea of rebuilding, possible seal problems, again question where to get new seals. Thanks Alrikki for trying to help.
    Now I want new ones.
    Either it will be YSS modified or Hagon.

    Stand by :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

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