A Short Trip To Cha-Am Pranburi

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  1. Satonic

    Satonic Ol'Timer

    Decided to take a bit of a road trip last week, needed to get out of the big smoke for a few days.

    Originally we planned to ride down to Koh Chang for a few days but after checking the weather forecast we decided to visit Pranburi instead. Here are some photos from the trip -

    The plan was to leave at about 8am and take our time getting there exploring anything interesting on the way. Didn't work out as well as planned as I went out the night before and didn't crawl out of bed until midday.

    Leaving Bangkok


    We haven't even really left Bangkok before the first "I'm hungry" stop



    Finished eating and decided to push on, it was getting late already. As soon as we got back on the bike it started to rain, stopped at 7-11 to get some plastic rain coats and on we went


    I wanted to take the scenic route rather than the motorway. Its a lovely road with great scenery and would have been a lot of fun in the dry


    Some pics along the way




    Now we passed a few of these buildings with 1000s of birds flying over. The missus says its where they collect the nests for the birds nest soup stuff?


    Approaching Cha - Am


    Arrived in Cha - Am


    It was pretty late by this point and we were wet from the journey so we decided to stay 1 night in Cha - Am and head for Pranburi the next morning. We checked into the Golden Beach Hotel Home www.goldenbeachchaam.com which was surprisingly nice for only 1600 a night


    View from the balcony


    Breakfast the following morning


    And off we went to Pranburi...
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  3. Satonic

    Satonic Ol'Timer

    Left the hotel at about 10 am and started the journey through Hua Hin.

    We were welcomed to Hua Hin by Thailand's finest. They had managed to stop and fine every motorbike on the road that day!


    License? yep
    Tax? yep
    Insurance? yep
    You no number plate - yep officer but here is a 200b fine reciept I picked up yesterday that allows me 24hrs to fix the broken bracket.
    Ok but I think your bike too loud give me 1000b. yerman.gif


    Wonderful. Waiting in line to pass over my 1000b


    Onwards again with our journey


    Some cute puppies along the way


    Outside this really strange/out of place house


    A temple at Khao Kalok


    Time to find our resort. We decided to stay in a place called Foresta Resort. HUA HIN RESORTS HOTELS : | FORESTA Resort On The Beach Pranburi Thailand We got 2 nights on a promotional price of about 4000 baht.

    The bed


    The room


    The pool


    The beach at Pranburi


    Some fresh seafood and beers at a very very relaxed bar on the beach called Nids


    Back to the room for a shower and we went out for dinner. Spotted a Mexican restaurant called Fajitas which I would highly recommended. Great food and a friendly bunch of guys. I got talking to a guy in there that was from my home town.... after a few beers we went back to his house, picked up his lamb (he had a horse and a flock of sheep in his garden) and off we went to play some pool icon_smile.gif


    We played pool in a lovely little bar called @ Smile. Its next to the supermarket opposite the Aleenta Resort. Again well worth checking out as I had a great night there and will defiantly be returning. If anyone pops in challenge the owner, Burtje to a game of pool icon_wink.gif

    After a long day and a belly full of beer it was time for bed.

    Breakfast the next morning


    Spent some time at the beach and went looking for somewhere to eat. Again another place I would recommend was a restaurant called 'Very Good'. Lovely food and cheap prices.


    We spent the rest of the time just chilling out, either on the beach or in the @smile bar. A nice break from Bangkok but it was time to head home


    Back to the Big Mango and traffic icon_sad.gif


    I'll defiantly be returning!

  4. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    That looks like a good escape from the Big Durian for a couple of nights alright.
    I'm not surprised there was a "I'm hungry already" request - that's not the most comfy looking pillion seat Ive seen.
    The swank accommodation might have made it for it all though.

    This is the pic I like most

    gives you a nice feeling of open-ness & fresh air - a lot of what biking is about I guess.

    Thanks for the contribution & thanks again for picking up that last fork in Bangkok. You're a good man.
  5. Bloody 'ell...... wouldn't see me dead on a rear tyre like that in the wet!!

    Thinkin' about it, way I ride....... you probably would see me dead after riding a rear tyre like that in the wet!!
  6. Moto-Rex

    Moto-Rex Moderator

    Nice report and photos Satonic.

    Did the boys in brown use a decibel reader to calculate whether your bike was over the noise limit? Or was it pretty obvious. lol

    Love the paint job on your Ninja, looks great.

  7. Satonic

    Satonic Ol'Timer

    @David. No worries, was nice to meet you :) And I agree, I like that photo too! Riding up to Kanchanaburi at the weekend so I'll take a few more pics to share.

    @Chiang_Mai_Martin. I actually took my slicks off just for this trip, I had the missus on the back so I take it easy in the wet but the supercorsas are surprisingly grippy. Luckily the roads did dry out about 45 minutes further into my trip.

    @Moto-Rex. No DB meter and although my pipe is loud revving any bike to red line in neutral is going to be loud! He wouldn't even show me the fine list for various offences in English. They were so busy collecting money they would have just let me wait there for hours so I wasn't going to let them waste my time anymore than they had done already so just paid up.

  8. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member

    Like most people..


    You probably wouldn't take a picture with your iphone with one hand while going over the Bangkok bridge in the outside lane either LOL

    Well done Satonic..
    The Misses didn't look too impressed with that little trick when she told the story Friday night...

  9. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Cracking ride report mate! I didn't build that bike for touring, and the pipe is definitely not road legal! :take-that:

    Respect!! :happy1:

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