A Striker Run In Trip.

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  1. Not a piston run in, but aTrail Tech Striker computer run in, plus a visa run


    And it's a nice day for a ride & visa run to Mae Sai

    30 kms out & what's this.....
    but not a smoko with the seat off

    WTF :wtf:
    Yep no electrics. Main fuse. G-O-N-E.
    Could not get it out. After a while I was successful & pinched the 20W headlight fuse & jammed it in. & headed off again.
    But not before cancelling my emergency pick up vehicle.

    Then 1 1/2 kms down the road dead again.
    Time for smoko - the bike I thought.

    And the solution - back on the phone...
    Silverhawk your a star & good reliable mate. Thanks also to Silverhawk's "henchmen" Tom Ford & Harry for the muscle power lifting the AT in the back.

    And the moral of the story: AT's dont always rock. :oops:

    Live another day to ride for a visa run. :yawn:
  2. Such a wonderful day for biking and what does the AT do ?????? A strike yessir......5555555, fortunately you had a strong and reliable back-up crew with you, sorry for this mishap, so that means you're around downtown tonight for some bubbly to drain your sorrow :mrgreen: :oops: ?????
    Want to go tomorrow ?? You can have either the DR or the SRX if you want to...... :smile1:
    Cheers, Franz
  3. Bike's fixed courtesy of Tom & Joe at Goodwill.
    A dodgy 10amp fuse to the ignition, that for all appearances looked perfectly normal, until a meter was put on it.

    Re AT electrical problems, once your bike starts to get older & with high kms it is not uncommon for burnt out connectors & sockets & fuses.
    I had a run of bad trouble 2 years ago & ordered a complete new wire harness that never came. In the meantime "we" David Lek & Mike Wilson hard wired many dodgy looking connectors / sockets.
    You almost get used to it once you get the kms up, but you've got a way to go I reckon Ron.

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