A Vietnam Enduro Adventure - Mui Ne Sand Dunes

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  1. Is that Viethorse Bond NT? Haven't seen him for ages.
    Nice video.
  2. After watching the whole video; free for all in dunes - you guys let of the chain or what 555?
  3. Yes.. The ride was organised by Lam. His friend has a business running tours with good well maintain bikes.. KTM Beta. etc.
    They kindly invited me and sorted a bike for the ride..

    It was on this ride.. I said screw the rekluse clutch than came with my KTM 450 exe.
    Got back and had it taken out.. I will admit.. It was a handful after that on the rocky stuff.
    But felt like you are riding a bike, not a scooter.

    The best weekend get away.. Hard to believe we did so much in such a short time..
  4. Brilliant riding..

    We did the entire full day ride..
    But it is really hard on the body.. I was aching for 3 days like never before.

    Lam's friend said.. Most manage a few hours half day max.
    The worst ones are the big gym bunnies.. hahaha..
    Usually can't do more than 30 mins to 1 hr and cooked..

    If we didn't have that 1.5 hour lunch break by the sea with the best seafood I have had in a long time
    Could not have gone the entire day..
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