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  1. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Weekend activity Sunday 14.9. as discussed last weekend over some beers with Peter-Dougal (proposer) and Craig-ESIB, as follows: We will meet on Sunday morning at a beach front restaurant in Bahn Chang-Rayong (Peter and Craig please advise name and location of the place) at approximately 08:30 in the morning and then drive together to Jester's-Pattaya "Care for Kids" activity at the DIANA Garden Resort in North Pattaya. Anyone wants to join us, please post an answer. Jester's is a local MC club that has once a year a big fair where the proceeds are donated to child-charity. Their website: http://www.care4kids.info/
    Cheers, Franz
  2. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    Hi Franz

    I dont know if any one else coming from ubon but we are heading there,, we leave during next week and should be in Pattaya maybe 12th Sept.

    Peter and rest of the guys see you there..

    Marco & Bee
  3. Dougal

    Dougal Ol'Timer

    Franz, I don't know where the place is in Banchang. We'll have to ask Craig.

    Marco, good news that you are coming down. Look forward to seeing you when you arrive.
  4. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer


    Nice to hear form you and we dont know yet where we going to bed,, but im sure there is vacansies some hwere///LOL

    but Saturday evening or so,, could we hook up as we have no clues where is meeting point,, unless i will get GPS point's?
  5. Craig-EBC

    Craig-EBC Active Member

    Hi Franz, Suggest that we meet at the Offshore Bar at 8.30am for breakfast. Its not on the beach but in Ban Chang's strip of bars (famous if you know it). Approaching Ban Chang from the North on 3376 you take right fork (turn) off 3376 and follow the soi for about 500m, you come directly into Ban Chang strip and its the 1st Bar on the right. They have a big sign painted on the wall. If you miss the Right Fork off 3376 you will find yourself at the intersection with Sukhumvit 3 Highway, U-Turn and take 1st small soi to the left which leads you back into the strip. Turn right at T junction and Offshore bar will be last bar on the left. Call me if any problems. Craig.
  6. Dougal

    Dougal Ol'Timer

    Sounds good.

    Marco give me a ring when you get into town and I'll come meet you.

    We can plan when to leave the next morning for breakfast in Banchang and meet Franz and Craig.
  7. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer


    Will do, we will hit the road on tomorrow (tue 9th) and head to Phimai and then to Khao Yai from there to Pattaya.

    Any one else heading down either HW 304 or RD 2090 on 11th - 12th
  8. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Craig, Peter, many thanks for your replies, so 08:30 on Sunday 14th it is at Offshore Bar in Ban Chang. I will take with me 2 Thai riders on their older 750's (Honda CB and Yamaha Fazer - the one with the strangely forward angeled cylinders....). Should then be in Pattaya at 10:00 because that's the time of the opening ceremony or we skip that part.......

    Marco, once you're on the 304 and then on the 331 please give me a ring as I live in Bowin on the 331, where's a lot of roadwork going on and the traffic's a nightmare........you're invited for some drinks if you find the time for a stopover.

    Cheers, Franz
  9. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Well, this was again a nice ride, only with some "minor" glitches. We were:
    Peter (Dougal) on his Fazer 1
    Craig-Esib on his R1200GS
    Khun Thawee on his vintage Harley Electra
    Ngoh on his vintage CB750
    Ed on his ZX9
    Franz on the FJR

    It all started in Ban Chang at a nice place called Offshore Bar with a real good and plentiful breakfast at 08:30. We all met there although it meant for some of us getting up as early as 06:30 and this on a Sunday !!!! Ouch. But luckily the weather was fine and the sun shone on us lucky 6.
    (Just for the record, Thawee and Peter came late and quarreled about who was the real late one.......) :lol:

    Luck was not on our side this time as when we wanted to leave, the Kawa-ZX9 of Ed refused to start, so Thawee & Peter pushed him and finally he got it running. So we agreed to detour and go to Rayong-Klaeng and then maybe on to Chantaburi on the 36. At our first petrol stop, I did the "run" start with Ed and off we went. Soon there were only 4 of us, Harley and CB750 missing, so we waited and waited and waited, exceptions are the rule was proofed to us as the Harley showed up and the reliable Honda was somewhere dead on the road.
    Now it was really time to go to Rayong's famous mechanic Chang Jorn. First to get Ed's electrical problems fixed. During our a little longer than expected repairshop visit, Ngoh got his friend picking him and his beloved CB750 up and bring it to the shop for MAJOR electrical overhaul.
    l-r: Ed-Jorn-visitor
    Battery was charged so Ed could go back to his home in Ban Chang and try to get the needed spares at Red Baron today. Some molten cables were replaced but he didn't want to risk a longer run that day anymore.
    In the meantime, the major shareholder of Peter was ordering him back home so also he had to leave. When I took his picture, he was still smiling; you should have seen his face after the recall from his major shareholder........ :oops: :lol:
    l-r: Craig-Peter-Thawee
    Finally also Ngoh arrived and was told that he won't be going anywhere so soon on his bike, so that left Craig, Thawee and me. We decided just to run to Klaeng as heavy rainclouds were already coming up, turning onto the 344 we headed though eucalyptus and pineapple fields to Ban Beung, had a real good lunch there and on the 331 in direction of home.
    Well next time we hope to get even more friends to join us, plan is the weekend from 4.-5.11. and a quick run up to Khao Yai again. As always it was a real pleasure and we were very happy to be a mixed group Thai-Farang !!!! Cheers, Franz[/img]
  10. Dougal

    Dougal Ol'Timer

    Ready when you are Franz. Next time I'll try and get prior approval from the major shareholder.
    Let's try and keep the bikes on the road on the next run.
    Anyway it was a great outing and Hey! I must have left too early and missed the nice cold beeers???????
    Ah, so you you did miss me!!!

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