Accesories for Phantom in Chiang Mai

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  1. Hi All
    Anyone know or recommend bike shop in CM to get saddle bags, roll-bar etc for Honda Phantoms

    Also a good garage to service the bike

    Any help appreciated
  2. Try this one
    Link removed
    In particular
    97-98 Mahidol Rd, opposite New Star. Tel: 053 200190.
    A hang out for some of the local custom bikers. Honda Phantom riders check this shop out.
  3. For all you Phantom owners, check out the new paint job, on latest model, everything else seems the same

    Great for those guys who dont like cleaning their bike

    89,300 baht and shop can discount

    check how nearly every shiney part is black... great
  4. Strewth Johno
    Are you going to trade the purple[headed] monster for a flame job?
    It reads as tho you have almost convinced yourself.
  5. Rhodie

    Many many thanks for acknowledging that my bike is purple. Now how am I going to convince the other guys (especially Pikey that real men don't ride pink bikes)

    To make matters worse I had the bike parked at Ian Bungy, and even his 6 year old daughter asked who owns the pink bike

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